Please take 45 seconds to watch this video I created as part of my Genghis Grill Health Kwest. Thanks!

To help you get used to AP Style before we have any “official” quizzes (via GeorgiaVIEW or BlackBoard), please try your hand at determining which of the sentences in the PDF below have errors in them. It’s easiest if you print the PDF and work on it as a hardcopy.

Correct all the AP errors you find, then watch the video to see how well you did.

The Quiz

AP Style Quiz

The Answers

Note: All page numbers referred to in the screencast below are from the 2009 edition of the AP Stylebook.


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6 Responses to AP Style Practice “Quiz”

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  2. Sarah Aly says:

    Hello Professor Nixon,

    Thank you very much for this quiz, I found it so helpful. I just wanted to point out that for question 29, it would be more accurate to say the city councils “adopted” or “approved” the resolutions as the word “passed” can only be used for bills.

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  4. Tashe Graves says:

    Professor Nixon,
    I was reading a blog called The Top 40 PR Blogs and listed as number 29 was a blog called Public Relations Matters! I am not aware that there are more than one blogs with this same name so could you please clarify that this is yours?
    Here is the link:
    If so, then this was very exciting to stumble across! Congrats!