Want to see what my PRCA 3030 (Social Media for PR) students at Georgia Southern University are blogging? They’ve been assigned to create & maintain a blog using these guidelines. Most of them just started with their blogs this week; content will be added throughout the semester, so if there’s not much there yet, just wait . . . there will be plenty in a few weeks!


5 Responses to Social Media for PR Student Blogs :: Spring 2010

  1. brittany rollings says:

    I did have some trouble at first putting up my blog. It was all very new to me. Our instructor showed us in class and I got assistance from people in the library and I actually enjoy writing.

  2. Femi O says:

    I filled out the form but my blog still isn’t up there…

  3. I am on here twice, with two different blogs! The one for this class is http://mlstratton.wordpress.com


  4. Lauren Wolf says:

    i just subscribed 4 times and I still don’t see my name, but i have a blog…http://lauren410.wordpress.com