Want to see what my PRCA 3330 (PR Writing) students at Georgia Southern University are blogging? They’ve been assigned to create & maintain a blog using these guidelines. Most of them just started with their blogs this week; content will be added throughout the semester, so if there’s not much there yet, just wait . . . there will be plenty in a few weeks!


4 Responses to PRCA 3330 PR Writing Student Blogs :: Spring 2010

  1. Lauryn Williams says:

    Thank you for adding my blog!

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  3. Lauryn Williams says:

    Hello Professor Nixon!

    My blog site is not linked with the rest of the class above. You visited it during your office hours once when I asked a question. Do you no longer have the link?

    Thank you!

    Lauryn Williams

    link: http://laurynwilliams.wordpress.com