#COMM4333 Final Exam, Spring 2010

On April 21, 2010, in COMM 4333, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

New pens and crochet-in-progress by hddod.COMM 4333 Spring 2010 Students Only

For your final exam in COMM 4333, we’ll do something a little non-traditional. Create a list of the ten most important things that you learned in our class, and explain why these things are important. Be sure to touch on a variety of the topics we covered in COMM 4333; the only required topic to discuss is the importance of AP Style.

This exam (as noted on your syllabus) is worth 10% of your grade in the class.

Format (your choice)

  • Write a blog post of ~500 words
  • Create a PowerPoint & upload it to SlideShare (should have at least 7 slides, with detailed notes in the Notes panel). Embed the SlideShare slides into your blog.
  • Create a podcast (audio recording) using Utterli or Podbean (should be ~5-10 minutes long). Embed the audio into your blog.
  • Create a video & upload it to YouTube (should be ~5-10 minutes long). Embed the audio into your blog.

DUE: No later than Tuesday, May 4, at 1:50 pm. Submit the URL of the specific blog post in BlackBoard.

NOTE: Since our final is completed using an online method, do not physically come to class for the final.


2 Responses to #COMM4333 Final Exam, Spring 2010

  1. Hi Lisa . . . this is SO thoughtful of you. COMM 4333 is my PR Writing class, if that makes any difference.

  2. If anyone wants to call me via Skype and tell me the 10 most important things you learned in class. I’m happy to record and send you the file (audio or video). I would be interested to hear your responses and I am sure some of my listeners would be to. I’ll post the results to my Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/ThePublicSpeaker

    You can contact me there to set this up. I’m wiling to do this with one or two students explain (very briefly) why I should choose you!