Our topic this week in Social Media for PR is social bookmarking. Here’s an excellent, and short, explanation of what social bookmarking is, created by Lee and Sachi Lefever from Common Craft.

As the video is no longer available on YouTube, here’s a link to Social Bookmarking in Plain English at the Common Craft site.

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2 Responses to Social Bookmarking in Plain English

  1. Avery Nelson says:

    I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research.;..

  2. brittany rollings says:

    Wow, I never thought that social bookmarking was so useful. I agree with the speaker there are so many sources on the websites and how my bookmarks can be useful for others as well. Many times I go onto Google to find information to do a paper or research on a topic that interests me and when I type in the subject many books and pages pop up and I do not know which site I should go to. Some sites I think sound like they may have a lot of information, but then I visit these sites and I cannot find what I am looking for. Or sometimes I find a site that I want to use as a source for a paper that I am doing, but I lose the site and I cannot remember the name. I think that bookmarking is a great way to keep track of the sites that one wants to remember. The man said that there were 3 steps. First, you have to go to Delicious, which is the name of the site. Second, you can add words or tags to describe the site. And third, be social. Who knows, you may find out that there are others who want to find information that you have been searching for. For example, maybe you and your classmates are writing a paper about a deceased author and you find a website that is perfect for starting your research on. So you tag the site and then you can be social by informing your peers that you have discovered a site which can be beneficial for him or her to do the reasearch paper on. This sort of technology can be very useful when doing research in the future on books or other people.