Public Relations History :: Videos

On February 2, 2010, in COMM 2322, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

The “Father of PR,” Edward L. Bernays, shares his thoughts on his early days in public relations and propaganda:

And a bit on Bernays’ role in water fluoridation:

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2 Responses to Public Relations History :: Videos

  1. Tom Kelleher says:

    Going to use this in class today! Mahalo for posting.

  2. ally kupcewicz says:

    This post was so cool! I really enjoyed watching these videos and getting a peek at what Public Relations was like back in the day!Bernays– I remember learning about him last year in your Intro to PR class so it was cool to be able to hear about him and actually know who and what I was watching! And then the video that was set in the present time was pretty interesting too! To be honest, it is nice to be able to WATCH blog posts instead of always having to read page after page of things that you sometimes, do not really care much about. Always enjoy reading your blog! Keep it up, even though I know you already will!!