checking them off the list by numstead.There have been several questions about what’s expected with the blogs for our PRCA 2330 class up to this point (4 February). Here’s a checklist for you:

  • Create blog at
  • Let me know your blog URL. (Note: Most of you have already done this.)  
  • Visit my PRCA 2330 Blogroll to ensure I have noted your name.
  • Replace the blog title of your blog with something else. (For example, if your blog’s address is, the default blog title would be “bnixon13’s Weblog.) 
  • Replace the default tagline “Just another WordPress blog” with something else.
  • Create or edit the About page to have a brief bio of you.
  • Post your “One Week of Twitter” assignment; this should have been at least 250 words. Remember to use the category of Assignment. (Due 2 February)
  • Post your PR History recap. Use the category Reading Notes. (Due 4 February)
  • Check your Dashboard and check for comments you wish to approve.

Questions? Check this blog first, then if you’re still unsure, ask. Please.



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  1. Really interesting site. Wish it will always be alive!

  2. Blog: