Best Service for Recording Guest Speakers?

On November 27, 2009, in social media, by Barbara Nixon

This spring, I’ll be teaching several classes online for Georgia Southern University, including Social Media for PR and PR Writing. I’ve planned to include several guest speakers to enrich the students’ (and my own!) learning experiences. I was planning on just using Skype and Callburner, but then I got to thinking . . .

Which software/service is the best for recording the guest speakers?


  • Record audio for guest speaker and me
  • Easy to post audio online (will need to embed in blog and perhaps add to iTunes U)
  • Free or low cost

Would Also Be Great

  • Record video from guest’s webcam
  • Record presentation (PPT) if the speaker is using one
  • Allow for students who are listening live to also contribute to the discussion

I’d appreciate any suggestions of what works well & what you’ve tried that didn’t live up to your expectations.

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6 Responses to Best Service for Recording Guest Speakers?

  1. Rodd Lucier says:

    I use ScreenFlow to capture audio and video simultaneously. Easy to edit, add titles and export to any scale for posting to or YouTube. At under a hundred bucks, it’s very reasonably priced. One caveat, it’s Mac only.

  2. Todd Lucier says:

    Skype and audio hijack pro is a great audio solution Ive been using for years to record podcasts. One of the podcasting plugins for wordpress gets feeds into iTunes.
    Might consider Google Wave for collaboration and conversation during presos.
    Recording screens? Omg look I use a fantastic app for mac, name escapes me (typing on my phone). Ask @thecleversheep if need it right away. But might be best to use online slide sharing to show ppt slides alongside skype video in classroom (

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