Public Relations Research Final Exam

On November 24, 2009, in Nixon's Classes, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

New pens and crochet-in-progress by hddod.PRCA 4330 Students

For your final exam in Public Relations Research, we’ll do something a little non-traditional. Create a list of the five most important things that public relations students need to know about conducting research, and explain why these things are important. Be sure to touch on a variety of the topics we covered in our PRCA 4330; the only required topic to discuss is the role of ethics in PR research. This exam (as noted on your syllabus) is worth 15% of your grade in the class.

Format (your choice)

  • Create a PowerPoint & upload it to SlideShare (should have at least 7 slides, with detailed notes in the Notes panel)
  • Create a podcast (audio recording) using Utterli (should be ~5-10 minutes long)
  • Create a video & upload it to YouTube (should be ~5-10 minutes long)
  • Write a blog post of ~500 words
  • Write a traditional paper and post it in GeorgiaVIEW as an attachment to the Final Exam assignment

DUE: No later than Wednesday, December 9 at 5pm. Reply to this blog post with a hyperlink to where I’ll find your final exam. (My preference is for you to embed it in your own blog.) Remember, if I can’t find it, I can’t grade it.


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  1. KEVIN OPIYO says:


    • nontobeko precious nyawose says:

      I want to know where im writing exams venues i m in port Shepstone and i want unisa to send me the exam date s

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  6. S. MeShae Hankerson says:

    My final is on my blog at “5 Steps to Mastering PR Research”

    • Arekipo Action Modise says:

      Please help me with the Question papers and Answer sheets if you got Materials . send it to

  7. Sheila Cost says:

    My final is posted on my Blog at :

  8. Evelyn Saunders says:

    My final is a ppt uploaded on SlideShare:

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  11. Here is my final located on my blog, you can also find it on SlideShare at

  12. Maranda Butler says:

    My final can be located at my blog “The Maranda Rights”

  13. Jayme Stroud says:

    here’s where you can find my research final…i think i’m doing a pp

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  15. Marie Walker says:

    My final is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and it can be found on SlideShare at:

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  17. Micaela Carter says:

    I will be creating a video for my final and uploading it to my blog.

  18. Barbara,

    This is such a great idea I would love to see more educators use this method for a final exam. Students learn different in different ways and to be able to allow them to show you in a medium of their choice, is brilliant! It’s inspired me to write a blog post about it even- great idea!


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