As PR students near the end of their college careers, many of you will need to create a portfolio that highlights your best work over the past few semesters. See Portfolios for Public Relations Students for details on how to create a portfolio.

For the Spring 2010 PRCA 3711 class, you have five options for completing the Portfolio Review Assignment. Choose an option by April 15 and let me know your choice on this Google form. (If you do not make a choice, your choice will default to Option Five.)

Option One: Hard-Copy Portfolio

  • Create a hard-copy portfolio with at least five work samples & mail it to me so it arrives no later than April 30. E-mail me to let me know when you have mailed the portfolio.
  • Include a “script” with what you would say if the potential employer asked you to talk him/her through your portfolio (why you included each piece, how the client benefited from the piece, etc.)
  • There’s no need to go to great expense with the portfolio itself; a simple folder will suffice for this assignment
  • In GeorgiaVIEW, submit the date you mailed the portfolio to me.

Option Two: Social Media Resume

  • Create a Social Media Resume
  • In GeorgiaVIEW, submit the URL of the Social Media Resume.
  • NOTE: If you are in PRCA 3030, you can use the same SMR as you are creating for that class (if you chose that option in PRCA 3030).

Option Three: Video Pitch

  • Create an 8-10 minute YouTube (or Vimeo) video of you pitching yourself to potential employers.
  • Show some of your portfolio pieces in the video
  • OPTIONAL: Embed the video in your blog
  • In GeorgiaVIEW, submit a link to the video

Option Four: Skype Interview

  • Meet with me via Skype (audio and video) for a 10- to 15-minute mock interview. Contact me via e-mail to schedule this interview.
  • Prepare as you would for an video-based interview with a potential employer (dress appropriately, consider what’s in the background of the video, etc.)
  • In GeorgiaVIEW, submit a self-evaluation of the mock interview, including what you would do differently in a future video-based interview.

Option Five: No Portfolio

  • Have your grade in PRCA 3711 based only on the other assignments you have completed, and not do a portfolio review.
  • In GeorgiaVIEW, for the Portfolio Assignment, insert a comment that reminds me you are choosing not to do a portfolio review.


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