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For your final assignment in Writing for Public Relations, you have a choice between two projects. You can either prepare a Social Media News Release OR write a detailed blog post about Social Media News Releases.

This assignment is due in BlackBoard on April 29, 2012.

Option #1: Prepare a Social Media News Release

  • Using either PitchEnginePRXbuilder or your WordPress blog create a Social Media News Release for your client.
  • Feel free to adapt a news release or personality profile that you have already written this semester to this new format.
  • See pages 136-139  in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques on creating your SMNR (NOTE: Your book calls them Smart Media Releases or Multimedia Releases.)
  • Include one news release of at least 250 words, along with
    • at least one photo that you took to accompany the story
    • at least two relevant quotations
    • at least two relevant hyperlinks
    • boilerplate information about your client
    • tags that help describe your release & client
  • If any of the information you are using in the release is not factual, you’ll need to make this very clear with a disclaimer.
  • In BlackBoard, submit the URL to your SMNR.

Option #2: Write a Blog Post about Social Media News Releases

  • Blog post should be 500-1000 words. (NOTE: This will be in much more depth than other blog posts you’ve written.)
  • Include the following in the blog post
    • What is a Social Media News Release?
    • What are the advantages & disadvantages of a SMNR?
    • When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?
    • Offer links to at least two websites that will help one create a SMNR
    • Provide links to SMNRs that at least five different organizations have created
    • Provide 5-10 tips for SMNR creation
  • There should be at least ten hyperlinks in your blog post. ALWAYS link to sites where you get your information; not doing so is plagiarism.
  • In BlackBoard, submit the URL to your blog post about the SMNR.


One Response to Social Media News Release Assignment

  1. I really appreciated this assignment! I think social media news releases are very useful and really enjoyed using PitchEngine. It was very easy and put everything together in a easily shareable and accessible package. What I like most what how many types of multimedia it allows you to link to your news release. The key words and tags are prove useful as well! Thanks for teaching a great class this semester, I learned a lot!