Best Floral Photos from 2011

On November 7, 2011, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Here’s a sampling of my best floral photos from this year. A majority of the photos were taken in Maine and Florida, using my Samsung Epic, Mororola Photon or Fuji FinePix S1800.

Which image is your favorite?

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2 Responses to Best Floral Photos from 2011

  1. Naida Lindberg says:

    Can I just say, I love how much you love flowers. I’ve always wanted to have a green house in my backyard. The smell, the look and feel of their glorious designs always pull me right in. I think my favorite of your collection here is the daises. I cannot decide if I am more in love with sunflowers or daises but seeing that you posted a picture of daises made me smile.

  2. Let's Book says:

    They’re beautiful! So hard to pick one, but I love the red flower with the butterfly early in the set.