Floral Photo Safari at Bok Tower Gardens, 9-11-2011

On September 11, 2011, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Rather than staying inside, glued to the television like many chose to do today, my husband and I made the short drive to one of our favorite places in Florida, Bok Tower Gardens, and spent the morning in nature.

It was the quietest, most serene day I have ever experienced at the gardens. We rarely saw other human visitors, and those we saw were generally silent. Birds chirped. There was occasional rustling in the brush; I pretended it was all squirrel noise (even though I know for sure there was at least one harmless black racer snake).

We walked slowly through the gardens, taking it all in. Twice, we were serenaded by the carillon in the Singing Tower.

For us, it was a peaceful, fitting way to spend 9-11-2011.

Here are a dozen of the photos I took with my Fujifilm Finepix S1800.

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