Image Credit: "New Zoo Review"

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over, but it most certainly is — at least if we can trust our calendars.

As a way of reviewing what we covered and learned in SPC 4350 (Social Media for PR and Advertising), each student will:

  • Choose a toy animal from a basket in class.
  • Name the animal.
  • Write the letters of the animal’s name down the left margin of a paper.
  • Come up with something we discussed in SPC 4350 that starts with each letter.
  • Reply to this blog post with a comment including the animal’s name & what they learned. Put a star/asterisk in front of the most important thing learned.

After each student is done with this, we’ll go around the room and each student will share his/her starred item — the key learning.

Any why is  “New Zoo Revue” in the title of this post? It was among my favorite childhood TV shows. (It’s a little painful watching the production values in the show now, but I loved it as a child.)


16 Responses to Key Learnings in SPC 4350 AKA New Zoo Revue

  1. Sarah Hassani says:

    F-ollow current events
    R-ead professional blogs
    O-riginality is key!
    S-tay motivated by blogging about topics your passionate about
    T-rain yourself to use Twitter
    Y-ou should always try and make connections with PR professionals

  2. Michaela Hawley says:


    J- Social Media Makes me JUMP for JOY
    E- Excellent communication skills
    F- FUN!!!
    F- For Everyone

  3. My tiger is Lady Gaga!

    A- advertise your cause
    D-do it*
    Y- yourself*

    G-gain followers
    A- all followers matter
    G- give feedback
    A- all feedback is important

  4. Emily Yehia says:

    A-ttitudes! Always have a positive attitude when you deliever your message through social media.

    L-inked-In. Create an account and network.

    P-ractice your writing skills.

    H-elp others by leaving insightful blog comments

    I-niciate converstations, so that you can connect with others.

    E-valuate your work before you submit anything

  5. LOLA

    L- link videos/pictures to you blog to make it more interesting
    O- Organize your blog so it is easy for others to navigate
    *L- Linked In is a great social media networking site*
    A- Always blog about interesting topics to get your readers interested

  6. Karen Snir says:

    A- advertise through social media
    O- observe competitors
    U- utilize social media
    *T- take the time to listen

  7. C- Communicate effectively to your audience.
    H- Help others within your company, Teamwork is key!
    E- Evaluate your target audience.
    E- Evaluate useful communication channels to help reach your target audience.
    *C- Change with the times and the technology within it!!!!
    H- Help out others by commenting on their blogs and leaving your feedback.

  8. Mishka Campbell says:


    Conversation- Join in on conversations thru blogging.

    Answer questions when your organization is involved in a crisis/scandal. No comment is a bad response.

    Media relations is importnat in PR, so build them thru networking.

    Interact with publics thru social media.

    Linked-in is a useful social network site to find employment and network.

    *Listen! Before you join the conversation you should first listen to the groundswell.

    Always add interesting pics to a powerpoint presenattion to prevent “death by powerpoint.”

  9. Mallory says:

    Short tweets
    Twitter is important for networking
    Retweet something that interests you
    I use social media more than ever
    Posting blog comments can grab different audiences
    Elaborate on blogs
    Share your thoughts with others

  10. Allie Dunne says:

    L- Learn how to be more active on social media sites.
    U-Usually always follow those on Twitter who request to follow you.
    C- Collect research for SEO news releases.

    *Y- Yes! always keep in connections with other PR professionals.

  11. Joe Citro says:

    My animal’s name was Tony.
    T- *Take all suggestions and opinions into consideration
    O- Optimistic
    N- Never harmfully criticize others openly on social media
    Y- Yearn for more knowledge by using different social media

  12. Megan Getter says:

    Manny the Moose

    Never think only in terms of quantity. Quality matters most!*
    Never think it’s all about you. Listen to the customer.
    Your personality should show because people relate to people.

  13. Erin McDonough says:

    “Jackie” the Giraffe!

    J – Jump head first into social medias
    A – Allow for constructive criticism
    C – Consider others’ opinions
    K – Know your client base
    I – Investigate users wants/needs
    E – Engage customers *

  14. Nicole Long says:

    Maxwell the Lion

    X- an example of good Public Relations is listening to what costumers want.
    Experience -> Make PR 24/7/365

  15. Jake Price says:

    BoB – The zebra
    B- Build an image
    O- Observe your consumers
    B- Business through listening ***

  16. Dave Del Col says:


    Build relationships*
    Advertise effectively
    Learn new technology
    Take the time to get the job done right
    Zero in on target markets
    Answer customer concerns
    Relate with customers