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For our first “real” day of class, we’ll have a short scavenger hunt to find useful sites for public relations writers.

In pairs, look up your assigned site(s) below. (I have intentionally NOT hyperlinked to the sites in this post, to encourage independent searching skills.) Take specific note of the following:

  • Name of site
  • Types/categories of information you found there
  • One specific topic that you found interesting
  • How this site might be useful for PR Writing students

Reply/respond to this blog post with what you have found. Then, if you wish, you can use what you found as the basis for one of your PR Connections on your own blog later.

PR News Sites

  • PR Week
  • PR Tactics
  • Ragan Report
  • PR Daily

Public Relations Organizations

  • Public Relations Society of America
  • International Association of Business Communicators
  • International Public Relations Association
  • Florida Public Relations Association

Public Relations Blogs

  • Communication Overtones by Kami Huyse
  • PR 2.0 by Brian Solis
  • PRos in Training by Kelli Matthews
  • PR Communications by John Cass
  • Bad Pitch Blog by Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer
  • PR Squared by Todd Defren

Podcasts on Public Relations, Writing and/or Public Speaking

  • For Immediate Release
  • Inside PR
  • Quick & Dirty Tips: Grammar Girl
  • Quick & Dirty Tips: The Public Speaker

Additional Resources

  • AP Stylebook
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.

(Though this post is written specifically for my COMM 4333, PR Writing, students at Southeastern University, others — especially PR professors — might find it useful. Please feel free to adapt as needed for your own use.)


22 Responses to PR Scavenger Hunt for COMM 4333

  1. Kyla White says:

    Name of site – PR Squared by Todd Defren
    The main topics and categories that Todd Defren touched on were social media and marketing. He had some blog posts about branding and social networking emerging in the corporate world.
    On topic that I found to be interesting was the post called “Marketing Doesn’t Only Happen Online”. In this blog post Todd Defren talked about how 90% of consumers talk about products/services through word of mouth, not the internet. He talked about how companies need to be aware that although social networking and online marketing is a good way to communicate their brand, they need to be aware that word of mouth is still, surprisingly, the way word travels.
    This site is absolutely helpful for students. PR Squared is connected with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The blog is organized and unique. Pictures and graphs alongside his blog entries are appealing to the eye and his perspective and story topics are interesting to follow. Students could absolutely mimic this blog and use it as a guide for setting up their own.

  2. Gracey Hulbert says:

    Public Relations Society of America-

    – Learning
    – Intelligence
    – Newtwork

    “How to use a PR mash-up for high-impact results: pairing social media with traditional communication techniques.”

    – Great resource. Great Webinars on real issues/resources and more. Seems to be great for job searching as well.

  3. Chelsey Lynn says:

    Name of site-

    Types of categories- FPRA Blog, Professional Development, Accreditation, Certification, Scholarships, Membership, Code of Ethics

    Topic of interest- Scholarships. FPRA offers scholarships up to $1,500 to members.

    This site would be useful for PR students because they would be able to network with a lot of different people in the PR field, learn more about PR, and they could find job opportunities.

  4. Mandee Winter says:

    -Name of site: PR Communications blog by John Cass
    -Type of information found there: This site includes various articles, interviews, and posts on numerous topics and ideas that relate to companies’ use of social media and marketing strategies.
    -Interesting Topic: An interview posted describes the ways in which non-profit organizations are using social media to raise awareness and advance their goals.
    -This blog is useful for PR students because it not only includes information on marketing, advice on planning events, examples of campaigns, and other topics, but it also gives bios and background information on various individuals who are successful in the field. Therefore, students can see the various avenues, education, and skills that professionals have used to reach where they are today. In essence, students can gain some insights into the outcomes that they hope to have, and the proper channels that will get them there.

  5. Devin Adams says:

    International Public Relations Associations:


    – current news tab
    – Membership tab
    – Current issues
    – Press room
    – What’s new
    – Quick polls

    Interesting Topic:

    Online sporting company Betfair is facing challenges due to the fact that it incorporates gambling into. Facing many challenges as it tries to extend it’s market to Europe. Mentions how gambling is a high-risk industry and that there are numerous detriments that come along with itm such as health risk and scrutiny from the public and media a regulators.


    This website will be very useful to those seeking careers in Jurnalism and Public Relations. It awards those who excell in the fields of public relations. This site also has a goal of “reducing the incidence of unethical and sometimes illegal practices in the relationships between public relations professionals and the media,” which is found in the compamy mission statement. In my opinion this website has a mission to do public relations with great level of excellence which will be awesom for any one who’s beggining with PR.

  6. Valeriy Guy says:

    •Name of site.
    •Types/categories of information you found there. The information found here mainly deals with professional communication. The Ragan Report is a newsletter that provides helpful hints, tips, tactics, and practices that the professional can use in their field. The Report also shares what other companies are doing and how they are improving communicating with their customers and etc.
    •One specific topic that you found interesting. I found the article on “Starbucks launches online community.” This article, although outdated due to the fact that I was only able to preview a sample issue of the report, was interesting because it provided vital information about what companies are doing to communicate with their customers.
    •How this site might be useful for PR Writing students. The Ragan Report requires subscription thus students have limited usage. However is available to all and various blogs can be read for free. It appears that the Ragan Report is a really good newsletter to read from what I was able to view on the free sample.


    – member log in
    – education
    – publications
    – research
    – accreditation
    – awards
    – jobs
    – communities
    – chapters
    – students
    – about IABC

    The IABC Speakers Bureau is a service that offers direct access to the best speakers for specific focuses. Viewers can search by speaker name, topic, geographic location or fee for a list of experts for an event. It is interesting and convenient that one can contact a speaker directly to discuss locations, dates, fees, and other details.

    This website is useful for PR students to look into conferences and seminars IABC offers. Professional training and inspiration at these events will enhance knowledge in public relations through interacting with other communication practitioners.

  8. The site PR Tactics is a monthly news magazine created by PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America.

    The site features the latest news, trends, and how-to-information regarding the PR profession and demonstrates the immense growth in the field. Each month is dedicated to a specific topic of PR, as August is devoted to “Innovation,” while September will focus on “Integrity.” Each month features about four major articles and a small section called “This Just In” that offers recent information on PR.

    The most interesting information I found on PR Tactics is that almost anyone can submit an article to the editor-in-chief or another staff member of PR Tactics. There is also an outline that describes what is expected of each article. However, most articles chosen for the issues are written by experienced PR professionals.

    PR Tactics is useful to PR students because it offers some of the most up-to-date information in the profession. Students can become familiar with the latest trends and some of the most recognized professionals in the PR world.

  9. Elaine Bluemling says:

    The name of the website is Quick and Dirty Tips: Grammar Girl. The article I found there is titled “What are Run on Sentences?” One specific topic that I found interesting is that many people think run on sentences are these long sentences that need to be shortened. In fact, run on sentences are really sentences that are just lacking punctuation. I think this site is an excellent tool that for public relation students because it constantly has articles that refresh our memory on writing techniques and rules.

  10. Kelly Wood says:

    For Immediate Release, or FIR is a twice-weekly podcast that offers the latest news and tips on communications and public relations. FIR’s podcast includes interviews with newsmakers and influeces, book reviews, podcasts of valuable speeches and PR confrences. Professionals can use these podcasts to explore into the world of public relations, gaining information on the latest news, PR hotshots, and helpful tips in the professional world of business and PR. Each podcast includes a content summary and FIR can be accessed via Itunes, suscribe to RSS feed, dowload the MP3 file, or get the FIR app on your iphone. FIR is accesible through many different avenues and covers a variety of information.

  11. Merri Bos says:

    Name of the site:

    Types of info: There was lots of information about how to spot bad press releases and also information about staying updated on current events.

    One topic I found interesting on the site was titled “The Press Release (a rant. for immediate release.)” It talked about whether press releases are still relevant or not. There’s a lot of money that goes into press releases, but are they being taken seriously or read regularly? The blogger says, if it’s newsworthy, it should be printed.

    The site is useful for PR writing students because it can show students tips about how to stay on top of social events and how to spot bad press releases.

  12. Mike says:

    The Elements of style by William Strunk Jr.
    -There are several categories, this particular web-site contains an overview of the book written by Strunk Jr.
    -Scrolling through there are many categories and links to click on, one in particular was elementary principles of composition.
    -This site might be useful for many PR writing students whoa re interested in Strunks writing, or in even purchasing his book.

  13. Andrea Adkins says:

    Burson’s “State of Mobile Communications” report

  14. Sam Mooty says:

    PR Daily- Public Relations and marketing un the age of social media.

    The website offers useful links to blogs dealing with different areas of PR. From teaching you how to something or showing how to better use social media in your buisness.

    A blog I found was interesting was: 5 Reasons companies don’t use social media effectivly.

    The site has helpful links dealing with jobs in PR or social media. You also can get to better know PR professionals in the feild you work in.

  15. John Cissel says:


    • Name of site

    • Types/categories of information you found there

    Business / marketing articles, PR 2.0 new communications articles, social media articles

    • One specific topic that you found interesting

    His new article that titles, “REPORT: Facebook and the New Age of Privacy” is very interesting. It covers the topic of how Facebook is changing social media, and the life lessons people learn from when they go from private to public.

    . How this site might be useful for PR Writing students

    Facebook is a huge part of our way of communication, but it is also a huge responsibility. There is a way to use it properly for public relationships so that you may receive a very effective outcome. His gives great input on the topic and where our social media is heading.

  16. Jessica Nguyen says:

    Name of site- AP Style Book

    Types/categories of information you found there: AP Stylebook pages,Guides and Briefing on grammar and punctuation, Build your own Stylebook, buy AO Stylebook online

    One specific topic that you found interesting- Build your own Stylebook: Site licenses include an editor login to add custom entries and notes to AP Stylebook material. That material is available to users you add to your site license to create your own shared writing reference and resource

    How this site might be useful for PR Writing students: quick access to AP Style Guide and Grammar help as well as provides twitter feeds with useful information pertaining to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  17. Hope Dodson says:

    Name of site: Communication Overtones

    Types/categories of information found there: Mostly just as it says, overtones of the Comm world- from tips on managing a social media website, to ediquette in the Social Media world, to current events in our society dealing with media.

    One specific topic that you found interesting: I Don’t Have Time to Google You: Micro Fame Breeds Arrogance

    How this might be useful: It has MANY great posts with tips and “do’s and don’ts” from someone with great experience.

  18. Dave Lapham says:

    * Name of site

    * Types/categories of information you found there
    Social media
    PR Eats Its Own
    10 Ways You Know It’s Time To Give a Client Notice??

    * One specific topic that you found interesting
    10 Ways You Know It’s Time To Give a Client Notice??

    * How this site might be useful for PR Writing students
    The blog discusses real and relevant topics having to do with PR.

  19. October Neuman says:


    2. There are many different categories such as: blogs, multimedia, reports, and events thats include topics such as: healthcare, consumer, technology, media, public affairs, and corporate.

    3. The job section is the one topic that I found most interesting. You can find any PR openings in your area and elsewhere.

    4. This site can be helpful to PR writing students because of the broad material that they have to choose from. This can also be helpful later on when that student is looking for a job in PR.

  20. Margaret says:

    Name of site: PRos in Training

    Types/categories of information you found there:
    -Author information and background
    -Tips and shortcuts
    -PR awareness

    One specific topic that you found interesting:
    She had a top five shortcuts section where she set out the system of how she tracked news from different social networking sources. Even for your everyday person, this is something that we are facing and I think it would be helpful for anyone who spends a lot of time surfing these kind of sites.

    How this site might be useful for PR Writing students:
    By providing examples and help for those of us just getting started.

  21. * Name of site: For Immediate Release

    * Types/categories of information you found there: Hobson & Holtz Report podcast with a jumble of headlines about various recent technology stories.

    * One specific topic that you found interesting: On August 14th, 2010, there was a feature on the debate between having a website or a facebook.

    * How this site might be useful for PR Writing students: It provides recent up-to-date stories about technology that could be useful in research.

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