For students in my PRCA 3030, PRCA 3330, COMM 2322 and COMM 4333 classes.

NOTE: The Topics of the Week need to be at least 300 words each, not 250 as I inadvertently mentioned in the video.

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5 Responses to Blogging Guidelines, in Video Form

  1. brittany rollings says:

    I stated that I believe that it is important to learn how to blog. Blogging is very useful for voicing one’s opinion. So many people have ideas, but none of those ideas are ever voiced. Just by blogging I have been able to tell people what my opinion is. I can also see if individuals have any advice to offer to me. I used to think that blogging was just some activity that people did in their free time like a hobby. I see that blogging can also allow me to see what I have in common with other people. Sometimes people may have the same ideas as you, but you have to be open to taking a look at what those individuals have to say. Blogging has taught me that it is important to pay attention to what I am in writing. What is the purpose for writing what I am writing?

  2. brittany rollings says:

    I think that it is important to learn how to do blogging. It is like voicing your opinion and perhaps getting information out to people who might want advice on something or who might want to learn something. I always enjoyed writing, but blogging is like a different form of writing that not just allows you to speak your mind, but perhaps you can see another person’s point of view.

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  4. Lauryn Williams says:

    Prof. Nixon,

    Do our blogs comments need to be under one category called blog comments or one blog post called blog comments? I was just a little confused and had changed this several times. My page currently has blog comments as a category under which I can post my blog comments and posts.

    This was helpful!


    Lauryn Williams

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