Statistically Speaking, That’s Funny!

On October 12, 2009, in Nixon's Classes, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

Statistics can scare even the bravest PRCA 4330 student . . . so let’s look on the lighter side. Using your best search skills, find one or more funny cartoons (or YouTube videos) on the topic of statistics or math.

Here’s one of my favorites, from the PhD (Piled Higher & Deeper) comic strip:

fun with statistics

Reply with a comment to this post, giving a link to the cartoon or video — or if you’d prefer, a link to your own blog, where you’ve embedded the funny item. We’ll share the best ones in class on Wednesday afternoon.


16 Responses to Statistically Speaking, That’s Funny!

  1. Jayme Stroud says:

    let’s see if you think it’s funny!?

    Nancy Grace…I thought it was pretty funny!

  2. Jessica Cameron says:

  3. […] 2009-10-12T11:09:30  [Blog]: Statistically Speaking, That’s Funny! [link to post] […]