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On January 21, 2009, in assignment, PRCA 2330, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

typewriter_keysFor my Intro to PR students:

Add a comment to this post with your blog address, so that I will know where to find you. For example, my blog’s address is Use the FULL address, including the http://




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  1. Nobie Ennis says:

  2. […] me know your blog URL. (Note: Most of you have already done this.) […]

  3. Here’s my blog about twitter I’ve tried to send the last two days

  4. Lauren Lee says:

    Here is my blog!! Thanks for accepting it late! I hate computers and I am slowly but surely getting everything together!

  5. Hi Professor Nixon! Sorry for getting this to you so late, but THANK YOU for allowing us a second chance. I kinda like this “blogging” thing! LOL! Have a wonderful day!

  6. It didn’t come up but hopfully this will work

  7. kenneth wigley says:

    my blog is

  8. Meghan Spillers says:

    Here’s my blog:

    Thanks for the extra time!

  9. Here’s my blog address! Thanks for giving us more time.

  10. Clay says:

    this is my blog!!!

  11. Here is the address for my Blog. Thank you for the extension.

  12. Here is the address for my BLOG.

  13. Ashleigh Martin says:

    here’s my blog 🙂 !!!!

  14. Hopefully I did this right, but here’s my blog!

  15. Line Olesen says:

    Introducing my blog 🙂

  16. Sarah Farmer says:

    My blog address is

  17. Brooke Huger says:

    My blog address is

  18. here’s my blog 🙂

  19. Jaylynne Robinson says:

    Blog Address:

  20. Im not sure if i’ve done this twice! But heres the link to my blog!

  21. My blog address is