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On January 12, 2009, in assignment, PRCA 2330, by Barbara Nixon

there's the camera by wockerjabby.For my PRCA 2330 Class:

Here’s a fun assignment that you will complete before class on Wednesday, January 14. 

Using your choice of software or online service (such as Big Huge Labs at, create a magazine cover that depicts you (personality, background, aspirations) to help your class learn more about you.

  • The cover photo must be of you, taken at any point in your life. 
  • Include at least your first name somewhere in the design.
  • Feel free to emulate an existing magazine cover’s look and feel.
  • Save the magazine cover as a JPG, PDF or some other format that can be shown in class.
  • Submit your file to the Assignments area in GeorgiaVIEW.
  • Please also print a hard copy (in color if possible) for me.
  • This assignment will “count” as part of your participation grade in this class.








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