Twitter in the Classroom :: An Interview

On November 5, 2008, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon

In September, my Corporate PR students at Georgia Southern University were given the One Week of Twitter Assignment. In October, they blogged about their experiences with Twitter. A Canadian educator who I’m connected with on Twitter read my post “One Week of Twitter :: Revisited,” commented on it, and coordinated a time with me to discuss the assignment.

Rodd Lucier, an educator from Komoka (Ontario, Canada) and host of the Teacher 2.0 podcast, called me via Skype yesterday afternoon. I’ve been a subscriber to his podcast and blog (The Clever Sheep) for about a year now. Though the focus of his podcast and blog tends to be more for K-12 educators, I never fail to learn something from him every week. If you’re ever looking for someone who is stellar at making analogies, listen to Rodd’s podcast. He finds a way to connect things in our everyday lives with technology.

Listen to Rodd’s Twitter in the Classroom podcast episode here at my blog, or better yet, subscribe to Teacher 2.0 through iTunes.

A note: if you ever plan on using Skype or another VOIP service for an interview, be flexible and creative. Make plans for what to do if/when the call drops. Our call was disconnected no less than a dozen times during the 30 minutes we spent together. I was quite glad that we were not trying to do this interview live, in front of a classroom. Rodd was able to stitch together the many bits and pieces of our interview.

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