Corporate PR Leaders Sought for Interviews

On June 4, 2008, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon
This fall, I’ll be teaching a Corporate PR course at Georgia Southern University. As the end of the summer nears, I’ll be looking for Corporate PR leaders to interview (via Skype, most likely) on a variety of topics for 10-15 minutes each . . . I want the students to hear from practitioners who are working in Corporate PR or Corporate Communication departments. (We offer a separate course in PR Firms.)

Potential topics will be:

  • new media
  • employee communication
  • government relations
  • community relations
  • investor relations
  • global corporate communication
  • issues management
  • crisis communication.

If you’re interested in potentially being a guest speaker, please drop me a line; let me know who you are and where you work. And it would be great if we could connect on LinkedIn. I plan to get a schedule put together in August.



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2 Responses to Corporate PR Leaders Sought for Interviews

  1. Christian — That would be wonderful. And I’m hoping to have you as a guest speaker, too!

  2. Christian says:


    Do you still need some people? I can hook you up with some of my old buddies from GE if you would like. Let me know.