Preparing for Your New Employee

On May 21, 2014, in New Employee, by Barbara Nixon
Image Credit: "Feedback Checklist" by AJ Cann

Image Credit: “Feedback Checklist” by AJ Cann

My most recent project is working on a new employee onboarding plan for my company. Could I please get your input on this?

I’ve included all the usual suspects in the plan, such as

  • filling out HR paperwork
  • setting up computer/phone
  • expectation exchange with leader
  • drive-by introductions around the office
  • department- or role-specific training

And I’ve included some of the not-so-usual suspects, such as

  • leader sends out welcome email so all employees know a little about the new person
  • reminder to update LinkedIn and connect with new colleagues there
  • add recurring meetings to calendar
  • lunch with (different) co-workers several times in first two weeks
  • overview of how each department contributes to company success

What would you want on YOUR plan as a new employee? Or, put differently, what do you think should have been on your orientation plan when you started at your most recent company, but wasn’t there?



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