Job Interviews: 10 Things You Oughtta Know

On February 26, 2009, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon

In yesterday’s Intro to PR class, I shared 10 things that PR graduates ought to know about preparing for a job interview. Here’s the (relatively) raw audio from the class session. I recorded it live, using my new TuneTalk for my iPod, and did not edit it before posting it. You’ll hear what the class heard.

Many thanks to Auburn University’s Robert French for helping me to get this audio file posted. Robert is also Site Admin/Founder & “Carlton, Your Doorman” for PROpenMic.

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  2. Kyle Charron says:

    This podcast was a great reminder for what to do in a job interview. Things such as dressing in a very formal matter, thanking the employer not only after the interview but also in a written letter of thanks, and obviously putting your cell phone on silent before the interview starts. I also learned new things after listening to the audio. I learned that if you have a name tag, it should go on the right side of your shirt because you shake with your right hand. Another helpful suggestion was to look into and research the company.

  3. Joshua Robinson says:

    In this podacast I was reminded of a few things I already knew about interviewing such as researching a company, ask questions, and silent cell phones. Some things that I never thought about was writing thankyou notes and I learned the things you want to do such as hand write if possible and make sure you get the speeling of their names. One different thing I learned was to out your name tag on your right shoulder. That is something I never thought about, but most cetainly makes sence.

  4. Ulysses Davila says:

    I agree that the thank you note is important because you might be interested in the job later. I did learn about where to put the name tag and why its important. In the military entrance processing, they made me pt it on the right side I guess to make it easy to see when Im meeting people. I also learned about standing when people walk in a room no matter who.

  5. Brittney Smith says:

    I did not know how to handle yourself at the end of an interview. It can be awkward when they ask whether you have any questions and answering no could make it look like you are not that interested in the job so having some questions prepared before hand is definitely a good idea. I also never thought about sending a handwritten thank you note. That is a good way to have the interviewer keep you in mind. I am one of those people who would freak out if I don’t get a call back after a few days, so asking them when they would plan to follow up with me is something that would really help me out. I would definitely make a business card before going on interviews because I think that it looks very professional to hand them your card at the end. The most important thing in an interview is to stand out (in a good way) and I learned that there are a lot of ways you can make sure you accomplish that.

  6. Ashley Ferguson says:

    I wish I could say that I haven’t heard any of this but I have! I am currently in a Professional Development class that is teaching us all of the same things that you have talked about in the top ten things that you should know going into an interview. I definitely think that it was a GREAT idea to post this for everyone to hear. I also think that is going to be very helpful to Freshman and Sophomores who should learn this informative now instead of later.
    I have been on several interviews not only for jobs but for internships and knowing the information that you posted really does make a world of a difference with potential employees or intership sites!!!

  7. Elizabeth Pittman says:

    Enjoyed it! I have had a job interview i which sent a hang written letter but I did not know that an e-mail thank you note would be succifient. Howver I never even considered the name tag on the right side to be the correct side because I am left handed and always think left is best best (guess not!) My previous interview was with a lady and I did not consider standing up when someone enters the room instead of just acknowledging someone’s entrance. Next tme I will stand!\

    Also the ” researching the company” was a very good suggestion ( esp. mission statement) since i worked at a hospital I knew someone but did not do actually “study” – will next time!

    thank you very informative and helpful!

  8. Parker Albright says:

    I did not know that whether you got the job or not that you should follow up preferably with a hand written thank you note and also an emailed thank you note. This is something i haven’t done in the past but its something i am going to start doing.

  9. Tyler Cobb says:

    I have been interview many times but I now realize that i had the name tag on backwards…lol..but this helped a a lot.. There were several different aspects i had left out, like let them make the hand shakes, and always sends written thank you letters… I had always shuck there hands first..But i have always been taught to shack hands so it was just instinct…. also if i was sick i would probably go in also… i have that same thought about that as you did… i wouldn’t anybody else jumping in front of me…

  10. Andrew McDougal says:

    I didnt realize that you could send a hand written thank you letter. I always assumed that an e-mail and letter was necessary but i didnt realize that the letter should be hand written.

  11. Andrew Mahfood says:

    I did not know that you should write a thank you note to the interviewer even if you dont get the job.

  12. Emily Koslosky says:

    I have had only a couple of interviews but they have always gone well. However I had a mock interview for my intro to business class in high school and that didnt go as well as I would have liked. First my interviewer wasnt too focused on the interview, he kept checking his phone. When I was answering one of the questions that he gave me, he looked at me with this cynical look and that made me even more nervous. I knew that you were supposed to send a a Thank You Letter after your interview but I didnt know that you could hand write it. I was always told that it was appropriate to type the letter up and be formal. I also raised my hand when you asked who thought the name tag goes on the left instead of the right.

  13. Crystal Baker says:

    Wow!! This was very informational. I have never applied to a job before and therefore have no experience, so this gave lots of insight on what to and what not to do in an interview. I have never thought about sending “Thank you” notes, nor was I aware that nametags should be worn on the right side for best visibility; as said it’s just natural to put it on the left side. I didn’t know that there were so many types of interviews; I guess I was just going by the stereotypical job interview where you go in and meet with the interviewer, face-to-face.

  14. Cristen Ray says:

    An important reminder was to research the company to find certain people who work there, their mission statement, what they do, other locations and the history of growth pattern. I was unaware of all the different types of interviews. I also thought it was useful that you said it was a good thing to ask what kind of interview it would be or look on the company’s website for this information.Another tip that I thought was useful was writing down the names of all the people who interview you. I also like the tip about treating phone interviews just like a face to face interviews, and the statement about your shoes saying a lot about your work is very true.

  15. Victoria Gunnin says:

    I did not know about wearing the name tag on the right for best visibility. I was also unaware of how many different interview processes there were. I like that you gave examples of questions to ask at the end of the interview, those get me every time.

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