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Image Credit: "21:365 :: Stack of Social Media Trade Books" by Barbara B. Nixon

For my COMM 4633 & SPC 4350 Students

One of our assignments this semester is for you to read and review a trade book on social media. In class, you’ve already been assigned to a Public Relations Trade Book. Your book review is due in class during Week 10.

Your book review will take the form of a five-minute presentation in class. For your presentation, create a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation of no more than ten slides. Rely more on images to tell your story than bullet points. (We’ll discuss more in class about how not to create a “Death by PowerPoint” slidedeck.)

Your presentation should include:

  • Opening slide should include an image of the book’s cover
  • Short bio of the author(s) of the book (perhaps with a photo of the author)
  • What did you learn by reading this book?
  • What surprised you in this book?
  • What do you want to learn more about, now that this book has piqued your interest?
  • Would you recommend other students to also read this book? Why or why not?


  • Consider uploading your book review to SlideShare and embedding the slides in your blog.
  • If you’re using Twitter, search for the authors of your book there and connect with them. You may be surprised how willing most of them are to reply to you when you @ them.
  • Leave a comment about your thoughts on the book on the author’s blog.
  • Post a review of the book on the book’s page at Amazon.com.
Tips on Creating Your PowerPoint:

Questions about this assignment?


(PS: If you prefer to listen to your book, rather than read it, you may be able to choose your title as a free option at the Audible website.)


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