An Open Note to All of Prof. Nixon’s Students at Georgia Southern University:

We’re almost off and running in our Summer Semester classes at GSU. This summer, I’m teaching three courses, and they are all taught online. The syllabi will be e-mailed to all my enrolled students, and I’m also posting links to them (on Scribd) here.

So that we can make the most of this semester, please (Please, PLEASE) take some time to read through the blog posts I’ve included here. I promise you, it will be well worth your time. (How often do professors let you get inside their heads, letting you know their tips for success and their pet peeves?)

Additionally, here are a few more tips:

  • When communicating with me via e-mail (or Facebook), always put your course number (such as PRCA 3330) in the subject line to help me immediately identify who you are and frame your questions or comments. Do your best to write in full sentences, paying attention to standard English grammar and spelling. Always sign your e-mails with your first and last name, as your GSU e-mail address will not make that readily apparent to me.
  • When submiting an assignment in GeorgiaVIEW, always put your last name as part of the file name, and also include your name in the document itself. Papers submitted without your last name as part of the file name cannot earn full credit.
  • If an assignment is due in GeorgiaVIEW, the only way to get full credit for the assignment is to submit it in GeorgiaVIEW. (E-mailing an assignment to me can be risky; I receive 250+ e-mails a day, and there’s a chance I will not even see it in my inbox.)
  • Follow me on Twitter, if you really want to get inside my head. (What’s Twitter?)

Let’s make this a great semester together!

(PS: If you’re one of my students reading this post, please leave a reply to this post so that I can know you have read it. If your reply doesn’t show up immediately, no worries — I may need to approve it before it appears, if you’ve never commented on my blog before.)

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32 Responses to Arrive, Survive and Thrive in Prof. Nixon’s Summer Classes

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  4. Morgan Mapel says:

    Prof. Nixon,
    I am excited about taking your class this summer. I really think that I will learn a lot. The only thing I am concerned about, I do a lot of traveling in the summer. I will do my best to keep up with my work and get as much out of your class as I can. have a good day!
    Thank you.
    Morgan Mapel
    PRCA 2330

  5. Linda Silfies says:

    Prof. Nixon,
    I thought I left a message previously, but in case I did not–I look forward to this class and hope to learn much from it.
    Thank you
    PRCA 2330

  6. Queata M. Cassell says:

    I am very glad that though this is an online class you are still personable. I commend you for doing that. I feel very excited about taking this course with you.

  7. Evan Floyd says:

    Ready to get started on the semester.

    Evan Floyd
    PRCA 3330

  8. Sarah Redden says:

    Looking forward to a great summer. Can’t wait to learn something new! 🙂

    Katie R.
    PRCA 2330

  9. Natlye Baldwin says:

    I am looking forward to a new experience in your class and taking an online course.

    Natlye Baldwin

    PRCA 2330

  10. Maggie Crowley says:

    Professor Nixon, I’m excited about getting started in your class! I am a little nervous about keeping up with the online work, but your blog is comforting!

    Maggie Crowley

    PRCA 3330

  11. Professor Nixon, I am ready to set sail on this wave of communication.

    -Charlie Edwards

    PRCA 3330

  12. Jessica Dennis says:

    Professor Nixon,
    I, too, am very excited to be taking this class! I have heard many great things about you from fellow classmates and professors. I am very nervous about taking it online though. I am not very tech savvy, so I’m sure I am bound to miss something! Talk to you shortly!
    -Jessica Dennis
    PRCA 2330

  13. Casey Corley says:

    I read the post and the class sounds interesting- can’t wait to get started!

  14. Sounds Great! Can’t wait to get started!

  15. Linda Silfies says:

    I am looking forward to this class. Thank you.
    Linda Silfies
    PRCA 2330

  16. Amy Green says:

    Professor Nixon,

    I am very excited to begin your class next week and take my first online class!

    Amy Green
    PR 2330

  17. Hillary Robinson says:

    Hi Professor Nixon:)
    So excited to start the class since I now know a little more of what is expected of me this time!

  18. Casey S says:

    Dear Dr. Nixon,

    I have read through the syllabus and look forward to keeping in touch with you via some serious social networking. Hope you’re having a nice siesta from the mayhem.

    Casey Sherwin

  19. Melissa Morris says:

    Prof. Nixon!
    I’m so excited about starting your online course this summer semester! I’m so glad to have a teacher who has so much info online. It helps a lot, especially in an online course for sure. Looking forward to learning a lot! 🙂

    Melissa Morris
    PRCA 2330

  20. Jackson McGahee says:

    Hey Prof. Nixon,

    I’m looking forward to the class, and learning about new mediums of communication such as Twitter, etc. I just finished taking Prof. Carr’s Intro to Journalism class where I learned much, so here’s to a great class, as well as a great summer.
    All the best,
    C.Jackson McGahee
    PRCA 2330

  21. Samone Pittman says:

    Hello Professor Nixon,

    I’m looking forward to seeing what this class is like. This is the first online class I’ve ever taken so this should be interesting! I hope to do well!

    Samone Pittman
    PRCA 2330

  22. Ryan Keesee says:

    Hello Dr. Nixon,

    I just switched my major to PR, so I am eager to get started!


    Ryan Keesee

  23. Brianna Wagenbrenner says:

    Dear Professor Nixon,

    I am looking forward to begin your intro to PR course. I am eager to begin learning more about PR and to begin summer classes!

    Brianna Wagenbrenner
    PRCA 2330

  24. Ashley White says:

    Professor Nixon,

    I’m very excited for your Intro to PR class. Everything you had to say about it, and your helpful tips were very comforting. Although this is my first class I’ve ever taken online, I can’t wait to get started!

    ~Ashley White
    PRCA 2330

  25. Alicia DeCoste says:

    So far, I love PR and I’m excited to learn more! Yay for summer!

    Alicia DeCoste

    PRCA 3330

  26. Abby McConnell says:

    I look forward to learn many new things in your class this summer!

    Abby McConnell
    PRCA 3330

  27. Amber Laurin says:

    Good Evening Professor Nixon,
    I am looking forward to your intro to PR class this summer. I will be spending the second half of the semester studying abroad in Paris so hopefully I will have interesting things to share with the class.

    Amber Laurin
    PRCA 2330

  28. Kourtni Davis says:

    Hi Prof. Nixon,

    I am very excited for your Intro to PR class and to be taking it with you. I have heard many wonderful things from fellow classmates about your classes and you as a professor !

    Kourtni Davis
    PRCA 2330

  29. Ashley Quinn says:

    Hi Prof. Nixon,
    I am looking forward to a great summer- two online classes and working at Disney World. My classes should be fun and so should my job, so I am anxious to begin. I have heard many great things from fellow classmates about this course (and about you as a professor), so I know it will be a wonderful semester.
    Ashley Quinn
    PRCA 3330

  30. Tabatha Amerson says:

    Hey Prof. Nixon,

    I am excited to be in your class this summer. I just got done taking Mrs. Healy for Intro. to Journalism and learned a lot about writing in her class. I hope to improve my writing and communication skills even more through this course. Again, I look forward to this class.

    PRCA 3330

  31. Christen Jenkins says:

    Dear Prof. Nixion,

    I’m looking forward to your introduction to Public Relations class on-line.

    -Christen Jenkins
    PRCA 2330

  32. Ashley Rich says:

    Hello Prof. Nixon,
    I am eager to begin this course. I, too, am very tech savy so will really enjoy interecting with you and my fellow classmates through varies media outlets. I look forward to improving my writing and written communication skills through this course’s assignments.

    -Ashley Rich
    PRCA 3330