Improving Your Blog

On February 11, 2010, in Nixon's Classes, PRCA 3330, public relations, by Barbara Nixon

Students in almost all of my classes this semester are blogging, with varying degrees of success so far.  I recorded a six-minute Prezi with tips for them to improve their blogs.

UPDATE 2-15-2010: This Prezi was recorded with my PR Writing and Social Media for PR classes. If you’re in PR Practicum — a one-credit class — your blog has slightly different guidelines; you “only” have several specified topics to write about and blog comments to write. Most of the rest of the information I shared in my Prezi does apply to you, though.


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  1. […] the Improving Your Blog video I created for you in January after the last blog check. var ecov = "sh"; […]

  2. Lauryn Williams says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. okay thanks for clarifying.

  4. Thanks for the tips. The only concern that I have is that my category is just PRCA 3711 instead of topic of the week. Is that ok or should I also add that category. I do have a comments category. Also the blog comments they definitely haven’t been 100 words or more. I can go back and add to those. I also need to make them into one post. I will try to do that now and if I have problems I’ll get back in touch with you!

    • Ashley — for PRCA 3711, your guidelines are a little different than for PR Writing & Social Media for PR. You can have a PRCA 3711 category, and that will be just fine.

  5. I enjoyed this video and have learned about improving my blogs with their length, titles, and links but i also thought that the T.O.W should be 250 words or more so i will need to improve on that aspect.

  6. I thought that the Topic of the Week had to be at least 250 words. That is what you said during one of the online lectures. All of mine may not be 300 words. I am just concerned. Thank you!

    Lauryn Williams

  7. Rob Goetsch says:

    Thank you,

    This helped with some of the smaller questions I had.

  8. Thank you for the advice! I am have been outlining the book in my “Reading Notes” so I need to shorten that to 3-5 key ideas. Also, I have created a “gravatar” for my blog comments but they never seem to show up on other’s blogs. Why is that?