Facebook v. Twitter

On September 29, 2009, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon

I tend to use Facebook primarily to connect with people I used to know, while I tend to use Twitter to connect with people I want to know. How do you use these two services differently? (There were more than 30 retweets of the comment I posted on Twitter . . . within 30 minutes.)

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3 Responses to Facebook v. Twitter

  1. Allie Schlumper says:

    I use Facebook more to talk with my friends or connect with old friends. I also use it to organize group projects and to connect with my other group members.

    I use Twitter more for networking. I also get a lot of current events and what is going on from Twitter and looking at other people’s tweets. Twitter is harder to really talk to people connect with your friends because there is a limit to the amount of words you can have.

    Good question… It is interesting to look at everyone’s answer!

  2. Samantha says:

    I joined Facebook as it made an appearance on college campuses nationwide in the spring of 2005. For this reason, I use it primarily to keep in touch with high school and college friends. In the last year or so, as more applications have been made available, I have dabbled in the public relations and marketing side of the social network. However, I am connected with PR professionals only if I have met them and know them or feel I have had enough communication with a person to warrant a connection on Facebook. My profile is very private and my information is not widely accessible – not because I have anything to hide, but for safety/security reasons. While the Internet has become widely accepted as a social sphere, I still take into consideration that not everyone is who they say they are. Is this overtly-cautious? Maybe. But I feel it’s a protection of both my family and friends. While there is no need to allow fear to rule how and what I do on the Internet, it is important to be realistic and understand both the positives and dangers of social networking.

    I use Twitter & LinkedIn a great deal for my professional brand. While I do follow and am followed by my peers that are not in the public relations industry, I primarily use Twitter to connect with those I want to know and to join the conversation. When I connect with a new professional, exchange a great deal of conversation – then I take to adding them on Facebook and LinkedIn. What’s the use of having so many friends/connections just to have them? I believe there needs to be purpose. I wouldn’t run up to a person at a conference and immediately ask them for a business card. Relationship building and conversation is key. Again, that’s just my my opinion.

    Is this an issue of transparency? To some, maybe. But to me, I feel like I am allowing myself to utilize these tools in order to contribute to the professional conversation, while also protecting my brand and who I am as a professional.

    Great question!