Breaking through by clickclique.At the request of many students, I’ve created a blog checklist to help you be sure you are on track with what you need to include. Remember that your PRCA 2330 blog counts as nearly 1/3 of your grade in the course. Devote as much time to the care and nurture of your blog as you would to a term paper that counts that much. I strongly recommend that you keep up with your blog weekly.

Please fill out this checklist before class on Monday. I’d appreciate it if you would fill it out once right away, before making any additions or changes to your blog, and then if your blog isn’t as robust as you know it needs to be, fill it out again after you fix things.


2 Responses to PRCA 2330 Blog Checklist :: March Edition

  1. Thanks for doing this. I really showed me how far behind I was. Catching up..I promise.

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