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On August 19, 2008, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon

Twitter LogoIf you teach Public Relations at a college or university and are also a user of Twitter, I’d like to hear from you. Let’s collect the addresses of the Twitter home pages for all the PR profs who use Twitter. I’ve found it incredibly helpful and interesting to follow other people who are teaching the same subjects I am. It’s great reading their different perspectives.

Please respond with your Twitter home page address (to make it easy for others to follow you), where you teach, and what classes you teach.

I’ll get us started:

Name: Barbara Nixon

Twitter Home Page:

College/University: Georgia Southern University

Courses: PR Writing, PR Publications, Corporate PR


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29 Responses to PR Profs Who Tweet

  1. Found your site through google search. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Looking forward to more. Thanks!

  2. Tim Penning says:

    Barbara–Here’s my info:

    Tim Penning, APR
    Grand Valley State University
    courses: Fundamentals of PR; Media Relations Writing; Corporate Communications Writing; PR Cases and Management; Campaigns; International Advertising and PR

  3. N. Tindall says:


    Teaching public relations writing and public relations campaigns at the University of Oklahoma

    Natalie T. J. Tindall, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication
    University of Oklahoma

  4. Tom Kelleher says:



    Tom Kelleher
    Associate Professor
    School of Communications, University of Hawaii
    2550 Campus Rd., Crawford Hall 314
    Honolulu, HI 96822

  5. Graduate Coordinator & Associate Professor at Florida International University

    I teach Integrated Communications Campaigns, Global Communications, Hispanic Marketing Communications, PR Writing, and Advanced PR Writing (depending on the semester).

  6. Meg Lamme says:

    Associate professor, Advertising & Public Relations, U of Alabama.

    I teach PR Writing, PR Management, and an intro course for incoming MA students (which integrates Ad/PR). Research area is PR history.

  7. Crosby says:


    I teach a PR and Promotions course to Fashion Marketing majors at the Art Institute San Diego. This is my second quarter teaching, learning and refining all the time!

    Personal Twitter is @crosbyhearts and the account for my fashion PR blog is @pr_couture (if you have students interested in fashion/beauty PR would love for you to pass along the resource

    Thanks for this list!


  8. School: Tipperary Institute

    Modules: Public Relations, Social Media, Media Writing, Mass Communications

    Job: College Lecturer. Freelance journalist.

  9. Alisa Agozzino says:

    PR Professor at Ohio Northern University
    Twitter handle…. @alisaagozzino

    We are on a quarter system so I get to teach 9 preps! Intro to PR, PR writing, Campaigns, Business and Professional Speaking, Social Media, & Bateman

  10. Assistant Professor of Public Relations
    University of Oregon

    I teach Advanced Public Relations Writing, which has a focus on social media. I am teaching Risk Communication (a graduate class) next quarter.

    Thanks, Barbara!

  11. I teach PR Writing, Intro to CC+PR & Client Project. I also co-ordinate the Corporate Communications and Public Relations postgraduate program at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I blog at “A Learner’s Way.” My Twitter handle is ProfChristineS.

  12. Tricia Farwell

    University: Middle Tennessee State University


    Courses: PR Principles, PR Communication, PR Publications, Social Media, (also Media Writing, Advertising Campaigns and Survey of Advertising)

  13. Gee Ekachai says:

    Twitter: @fvrythingpr

  14. How did I miss this? Glad you retweeted — found a few new ones. 🙂

    Karen Russell
    Associate Professor
    Department of Advertising and Public Relations
    University of Georgia

    I teach PR Administration, Campaigns, Communication (writing), and occasionally a grad seminar. My research is on media history, primarily PR.

  15. Professor & PR Sequence Coordinator
    Florida A&M University

    Thanks, Barbara, for setting this up.

    I teach PR Methods, PR Research & Strategies, PR Campaigns, and Language Skills for Journalists. My students use blogs, Twitter, wikis and other online tools, and they create podcasts and Web sites. They posted weekly on the TubeTheVote e-zine this semester. Also, my students collaborated with Mitzi Lewis’ students at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, on the “College Student Election Survey,” posted on E-mail me if you want to see the results:

    Twitter: @larae9411

  16. Bill Sledzik says:

    Associate Professor, Kent State University
    Teaches: Ethics; Writing; PR Case Studies/Planning; Media Relations; PR Online Tactics

    Tweet me @BillSledzik and be sure to visit the blog to learn about the tenure-track opening on the PR faculty. Link:

    A plug, but not at all shameless!

  17. Kristin English
    Doctoral Student/Instructor (PR Writing & PR Research)
    University of Georgia

    Research areas: political public relations, emergent technology

    tweet @scullyke12 ( – protected updates


  18. Ellen Mrja says:

    Associate Professor Mass Communication
    Minnesota State University, Mankato

    Areas: Strategic Communications Campaigns, online communication, First Amendment law

    twitter @ellenm53

    Thanks. Great idea, Barbara.

  19. Asst. Prof, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (AKA Cal Poly Pomona)

    Areas: reputation, credibility, social media

    I teach courses in PR theory, PR management, PR writing, COM research, and COM theory

  20. @ealbrycht


    Institut Superieur de Communications: International PR, New Technologies in Communications

    Paris School of Business: eBusiness, CRM

  21. […] Barbara Nixon has already started a list of PR profs on twitter. Might as well put your name in both places if you teach PR. This list is for all subjects, from PR […]

  22. Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu
    Clemson University
    PR principles, writing, campaigns, comm. theory, qualitative research methods

  23. Kaye Sweetser
    University of Georgia
    assistant professor, public relations
    Courses: PR research, writing, campaigns, special topics online media (undergrad & grad)
    twitter: (protected, for those only known personally)

  24. Amber Hutchins says:

    Great idea!

    Amber Hutchins

    School: Kennesaw State University

    Courses: PR Writing, Persuasion


  25. Here’s my information . . .thanks for asking!

    School: College of DuPage, The Academy for Non-Profit Excellence


    Courses: Marketing Execution 301, Blogging as a PR Platform, Marketing Strategies, Blogging and Podcasting 101



    Start a twitter pack:

  26. School: University of Central Florida

    Class: PR Writing

    Day Job: Director of PR, Metro Orlando EDC

  27. School: North Carolina State University (Go Pack!)

    Courses: Public Relations Strategy/Case Study and Fundraising (this term), Public Relations Writing, Nonprofit Marketing, Philanthropy and Public Relations, Public Relations Research

  28. Leo Bottary says:

    Barbara, as an FYI, I’ve been invited to teach the capstone module (Strategic Communication Planning) and associated residency for Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership program. It doesn’t start until the third week of November, but if I would qualify under your criteria and you’d like to add me to your list, that would be great. Thanks! As you know, my twitter ID is leobottary