Public Relations and Conversation Hearts

On February 14, 2011, in public relations, by Barbara Nixon

Image Credit: "Happy Valentine's Day" by Barbara B. Nixon

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my public relations classes spent some time looking through conversation hearts and discussing how PR is similar to some of the messages on the hearts. Here are a few things they came up with:

YOU RULE: We are the brave front for well-known people who want to be represented well. These people want others to think they rule. (Laurie Cobb)

YOU RULE: No matter what you want, it’s my job to deliver. (Laurie Cobb)

SEE YA!: We’re watching you!  Actually, {social media monitoring] agencies are.  But the bottom line is, whatever information you put out online, especially on social networking sites, is usually free game. (Chelsey Lynn)

MY HERO: You can follow your “idols” on Twitter. (Andrew Potter)

CUPCAKE: Because sometimes we need to sugar-coat things. (Rachel LaFlam)

HEY YOU!: Because we try to get the attention from reporters and the media. (Taylor Flumerfelt and Emily Meade)

HEY YOU!: You can meet new people online with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (Melanie Shoults)

FIRST KISS: Because sometimes…it’s a little awkward.

BE MINE: When we put out a press release we want to have the media come to our event, party, show… etc. (Taylor Flumerfelt and Emily Meade)

DON’T TELL: PR sometimes covers up “dirty” details from the public’s eye.

DON’T TELL: Not telling is the opposite of a PR worker’s job. They are supposed to expose everything in the open. (Kyle Ashcraft, Matthew Weaver and Iva Pittman)

BE TRUE: It’s always better to be truthful about something, than to fabricate to promote your company.

BE TRUE: Public relations practitioners must be truthful in their work in order to be trusted in the business world as well as to make people respect their company. (Cody Marlow)

SOUL MATE: PR, the matchmaker between individuals and companies. Making the world a better place by connecting soul mates. (Sarah Allen)

HELLO: Because it is about making connections! (Rachel LaFlam)

NO WAY!: Each day is unpredictable and some days are simply unbelievable! (Whitney Gonzalez)

GET REAL: It’s always best to be honest, to uphold a reputation that people can trust. There is no better way to do that than to be real, or “Get Real.” (Mike Trivett)

GET REAL: Because being fake is unattractive. (Cress Bost)

U GO GIRL: Because in public relations the majority of public relation practitioners are of the female dominated group. Most of the people that are associated with public relations are females.

AWESOME: PR tends to spotlight sensational news type stories, or get people involved and engaged in a certain topic as to make it interesting to the reader, deeming it AWESOME! (Tara Schwartz)

Are there other conversation hearts you received today that have some sort of loose connection to the field of public relations? I’d love to see what you can come up with.


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  2. Melanie says:

    This was a really cool idea! I liked doing this in class; I think it helped us to see public relations through a different viewpoint. It was a creative project that made us think “outside of the box”. I love in class assignments like this that make us stretch our minds. Thanks for posting!

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