When Social Media Takes Over a News Show

On October 21, 2010, in social media, by Barbara Nixon

Though I am a fan of incorporating social media in the news when it makes sense to do so, Dallas TV station FOX4 may have gone just a wee bit too far*.

*Yes, I do know it’s a send up. And it’s a good one!


4 Responses to When Social Media Takes Over a News Show

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  2. That’s too funny. Obviously an exaggerated use of social media, while at the same time attempting to create a viral video themselves, through social media. It reminds me of when Sprite made fun of advertising while at the same time…. advertising. Very cleaver, and slightly risky— as you mentioned.

  3. Samra Bufkins, MJ, APR says:

    I think they did this for a regional Emmy Awards show. While it’s a hoot, it also kind of indicates where we may be going with social media. Since I teach social media in the Strategic Communications department at the University of North Texas, I may use this in my classes as an example of how easy it is to get wrapped up in technology.

    I’m also wishing I could see the outtakes on this–knowing some of the folks in this video, I’m wondering how they kept a straight face the whole time!

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