Hulu Provides All the Super Bowl Ads

On February 2, 2009, in advertising, by Barbara Nixon

If you missed the Super Bowl yesterday, you missed a great game and some really intriguing ads, too. The online service Hulu has all the ads from the game.

Which one is your favorite?

I particularly liked the Hulu ad, starring Alec Baldwin, and the two eTrade ads. And did you know that the parents of the eTrade Baby let him have a Twitter account? 

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3 Responses to Hulu Provides All the Super Bowl Ads

  1. Merola says:

    Once again the Panasonic hdtv is one of the hottest gifts this Christmas, they’re selling out fast. I found mine at

  2. Isn’t HULU awesome? My wife and I were watching Fringe one night recently on the DVR and the end was cut off… 🙁

    Thankfully we were able to go to HULU and watch it there!!

    For Christmas I’m getting the Slingbox that will tie my HDTV to the Internet… and no more cable after that!

  3. Meghan Callahan says:

    I really enjoyed the Bob Dylan/Wil.I.Am. Pepsi commercial. I thought it had a great throw back vibe!