COMM 1110 Learning Journal

On November 6, 2008, in Nixon's Classes, by Barbara Nixon

Write a five- to eight-page typed (double-spaced) paper that addresses the following topics. Cite specific examples wherever possible. 

What are your three strongest points as a public communicator? (bullet point — no specific detail needed here)

What are three areas for improvement? (bullet point — no specific detail needed here)

Specifically, address the following on how, and how well, did you:

  • Introduce your speeches?
  • Clearly define and call out your central idea (thesis) statement for the audience?
  • Preview your speeches with a quick summary of the main points?
  • Organize your speeches? (methods, clarity)
  • Use transitions and signposts?
  • Establish and maintain eye contact with the audience?
  • Appear confident immediately before, during, and after speeches?
  • Use gestures effectively?
  • Avoid distracting mannerisms?
  • Use vocal variety?
  • Utilize PowerPoint and other AV?
  • Summarize your speeches at the end?
  • End speeches?
  • Adapt to the audience before and during the speeches?
  • Stick to the established time limits?
  • React as an audience member (listening to others’ speeches)?
  • Utilize library resources (including Galileo) while researching your speeches?

What did you learn about public speaking from your peers in this class? Make mention of at least three peers (by name) in your response. (Your peers will not see your responses, so you can feel free to use both positive and negative aspects of their speaking styles.)

Finally, include at least one well-developed paragraph on how you will take the skills you gained in this class and apply them to other college classes.

Include your outlines and speaking notes for each of your speeches this term. (Simply copy and paste them at the end of your paper.)

Want to listen to a Learning Journal from one of my students last spring?

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