Rolodex by renaissancechambara.All successful public relations practitioners have their own media contact lists that they maintain on a regular basis. They will contact different members of the media depending on the messages they are seeking to share on behalf of their clients. In the “olden days,” we would maintain our contact lists in our desktop Rolodexes.

For our PR Writing class, create a Media Contact List. With your specific client in mind, create a media contact list that will be helpful when you are seeking to share messages on behalf of your client.

At a bare minimum (to earn a C), your media contact list must include at least one radio station, one TV station, one blog and three print publications. Use a table to compile this list; you can use either Word or Excel.

Contact info will include:
  • Organization
  • Contact’s Name
  • Title
  • Snail Mail Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Numbers (phone, fax, cell . . .)
  • Website/blog address
  • Twitter username (if relevant)
  • Comments about this contact
  • AND, rationale for including this media outlet

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5 Responses to Media Contact List :: #PRCA3330 #COMM4333

  1. Daniella says:

    Can we input contacts that we hope to use or have not used?

  2. Wynn says:

    I’m not sure by what you mean for blog and 3 publications…are you asking for people who use them, created them, or something else that I’m just not understanding.

  3. Wynn says:

    Would anyone like to work on this with me?

  4. brittany rollings says:

    I think that it is always best to contact people because then you can interact with people on a personal level. I think that if you cannot contact them on the phone then you can send them an e-mail. But I think that the phone is always the best way to contact-it’s human connection.

  5. Kelsey Hendrix says:

    Are we to actually contact these people, or just go online to their websites (ex., or and try to find contact information?).