PRCA 3330 Students

Join PR OpenMic. Spend some time in class looking around within the site. Respond to the following questions in the Comments area of this blog posting. You can either put your entire comment in the posting, or provide a hyperlink to your own blog and respond there.

  • What is the most beneficial area (or areas) of PR OpenMic? Why?
  • Who are some “big name” PR practitioners who have already joined PR OpenMic?
  • How do you think you could benefit from PR OpenMic?
  • How could you contribute to PR OpenMic?



15 Responses to PR OpenMic: A Social Network for PR Students, Faculty and Practioners

  1. 🙂 I *know* I’m not a “big name”.

    I am, however, very grateful that you are all exploring the network. Simply put, the PROpenMic network can be as good as you, the members, make it.

    All I did was put the site up. If it was just me there, do you really think anyone would visit? Heck, I probably wouldn’t go there. 😉

    The practitioners are there for you and the faculty. The faculty are there for you and the practitioners. You’re there to learn from all of them – and the other students. Take a chance. Explore and have fun. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Launch yourself into the discussions. I’ve seen students start careers off of the contacts they make online. Seriously.

    Thanks, Barbara. Glad to see you all involved.

  2. Phil Gomes says:


    I hardly consider myself a “big name”. (Just louder and perhaps a bit more experimental than most.)

    But thanks! *8-) \m/

  3. Christian Dixon says:

    PR OpenMic provides resources for students and practitioners. OpenMic makes a source for helpful writting sources and contacts to related links.
    Big name practitioners that I found were Phill Grmes, James Gruning, and Robert French.
    OpenMic can serve as a resource for contacts and a helping hand with resources.
    i will contrubute to OpenMic my giving my comments, time, and resources.

  4. Hanna Kroll says:

    _ PR openMic is beneficial because it allows to read and learn alot about PR from PR Practitioners.
    _It lets you ask questions to people who are interested and experienced in PR and with the PR OpenMic site.
    _A few big name Practitioners on this site are Phil Gomes, James Grunig and Robert French (he is the one that started this site)
    _I think that i will benefit from this site becuase it is a great way to network with practitioners who have been working in the PR field for a long time!

  5. Megan Piper says:

    The most beneficial area of PR Open Mic is the networking aspect of it. You are able to meet and talk to people beneficial to the field that you would never be able to meet otherwise.
    Big name people include Phil Gomez, Paul Young, and James Grunig
    I think I could benefit from this by asking questions to professors and other students about work or projects that they have already completed.
    I can contribute by talking about my experience, sharing ideas as I work with the City of Statesboro and Campus Special as an intern.

  6. Haley Higgs says:

    What is the most beneficial area (or areas) of PR OpenMic? Why?
    forum (campaigns, writing, research, case studies, corporate and nonprofit pr)

    Who are some “big name” PR practitioners who have already joined PR OpenMic?
    Phil Gomes, James Grunig, Robert French

    How do you think you could benefit from PR OpenMic?
    PR OpenMic offers several different categories that will benefit students and practitioners. It shows information about different events and and conferences that may be helpful to PR students/practitioners.

    How could you contribute to PR OpenMic?
    I could contribute by posting my ideas so others can view them.

  7. Reina says:

    OpenMic will allow me to network with other upcoming Practioners.

    Some big name in the field of P.R are: Phil Gomes,James E. Grunig, Robert French.

    I think i’d benefit by being able to make myself more knowledgable of the things that I am not already aware of .

    I could share the the knowledge I have been given and experiences with others on this site.

  8. Daniel Harden says:

    The PROpenMic site is another PR networking site. The most beneficial parts are the stories that the practicioners write. I like to read them and make my own comments about them.

    Some big names in PROpenMic are Phil Gomes, Paul Young, James Grunig, adn Robert French.

    I could benefit by this site in many ways. It gives me another place to practice my writing and get opinions from others. Also, I can read other people’s blogs and get some ideas about PR.

  9. Tess S. says:

    Some of the most beneficial features of this site is its ability to work with other sites to offer great resources and tools for building a super site!

    This site gives a new outlook on the world of PR Practitioners and opportunities available in the field.

  10. rena says:

    I believe that the most beneficial area of PR OpenMic is the internship and job search links. I think it’s difficult for alot of public relations majors to attain a job due to competition and lack of opportunities.

    Phil Gomes, James Grunig, & Robert French

    I think I’d benefit by the useful information and being able to interact with other people who share the same interest

    I think I’d help contribute what I’ve learned from my P R Writing class and help others with advice on P R basics.

  11. Cinnamon says:

    * PR Open Mic is beneficial because it allows Public Relations Professionals to discuss their personal trials and triumphs in the PR career field. This especially helps me as a student, because I can communicate and network with PR’s in the work force.

    * Phil Gomes, James Grunig, Robert French

    * I think I could benefit from PR Open Mic through the connections it allows with PR Professionals in the work force. I could discuss the non-profit sector with PRs who are already in the field so that I know what to expect or what to do to better prepare myself.

    *I could contribute my experiences as a college student and offer advice and help to any other students studying Public Relations.

  12. Corinne Whiting says:

    OpenMic provides a way for students, teachers and practitioners to communinicate with one another. Students and new practitioners can ask questions to faculty and to practitioners with experience. Phil Gomes even has a “Ask Phil” section.

    Some big name practitioners are:Phil Gomes, James E. Grunig, Robert French

    I think I could benefit from OpenMic by asking questions that I have about the practitioners world. Also I could get my blog out there and bring in more readers.

    I could contribute ideas and opinions to other peoples blog and discussions and even begin my own.

  13. Tess S. says:

    Phil Gomes, James Grunig, Robert French

  14. mwise13 says:

    I think the most beneficial parts of this website are the forum, events, and videos sections. The forum is a great place to share ideas with other PR practitioners. Events is a good way to find out about dfferent PR conferences, and get the word out about them. Videos I think are really cool because it shows examples of good and bad releases, and different tips that people have come up with in a visual way.

    Some of the big name Practitioners using PROpenMic are Phil Gomes, Paull Young, James Grunig, and Robert French.

    I think I could benefit from PROpenMic because it is a great way to network and get in contact with practitioners who have been in the business for a long time and can give good advice! I think I could contribute to PROpenMic because I can give a student’s perspective. When I graduate I can discuss what I wish I had been taught in school, entry level PR jobs, and anything else that people might have forgotten about after having been in the field so long!

  15. Julie Smith says:

    -PR OpenMic allows you to network with other practitioners that have experience in the field of PR.
    -I am assuming Robert French is a “big name” PR practitioner sionce he is the person who started this whole website. Also Phil Gomes he is a practitioner of Edelman Digital.
    -I could possibly benefit from PR OpenMic just by reading peoples blogs or pages and possibly asking questions to those listed above or anyone on the site with experience.
    -I could contribute by asking questions to others that may be pondered questions by others, or contributing my own new information.