Get out your 2009 AP Stylebook, Post-It notes and a pen and get ready for a short bootcamp by Barbara Nixon. Learn what the five most important things to know about AP Style are, and even get a bonus at the end. Flag your book as you go along, pausing the Prezi below when you need to.

Want a PDF of the 5 Things and their page numbers that I refer to in the video? Here you go:

AP Style Bootcamp Handout

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60 Responses to AP Style Bootcamp :: Flagging Your 2009 AP Stylebook

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  2. Alecia Norman says:

    This AP Boot camp was extremely helpful. I get so confused sometimes and end up flipping through the Stylebook for what seems like forever trying to find the simplest things. I think that flagging my book will be really helpful I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Usually I just try to jot down notes to the side or on a spare sheet of paper to help me remember where things are but I think your method may be better. In my journalism class I had the hardest time with AP style but I know that I have to master it to work in the PR field. I think this boot camp might just do the trick.

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  6. This book is a great resource tool, and the boot camp made using it a lot easier! Using this tool cleared up questions and grammatical errors I had prior to this class. Prof. Nixon, you are a beast at technology. I’m still a little slow to it, but I’m getting there.

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