For spring semester’s PR Writing courses that I’m teaching for Georgia Southern University and Southeastern University, I am augmenting my own content and our textbook with several courses offered by Poynter’s NewsU.

Here are the courses we’ll be using:

Each of the courses concludes with a quiz. Please have the quiz score come to my university e-mail account.

[UPDATE: Complete the NewsU quiz for the course by Saturday midnight during the week it’s assigned.]



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7 Responses to Poynter’s NewsU Classes for #PRCA3330 & #COMM4333

  1. […] morning, I recorded a quick screencast to show you how to access the five NewsU courses we’re completing as part of PR Writing this semester and how to send me your course […]

  2. Rena Kosiek says:

    I just did the quiz and lesson, but I am not sure how it was to be sent to your account. How do I go about doing this?

  3. how do we send the clean your copy score to you?

  4. Kristina Bundy says:

    I have completed the course for Cleaning Your Copy but I’m not sure how to send the quiz score to you. After I take the quiz the score goes away without the option to email to an instructor.

  5. Wynn says:

    I’m a little confused on what to do. I read the course for Cleaning your copy and took the test- now how do I email you the score?

  6. Mikelle (and all) : Complete the NewsU quizzes by midnight on Saturday during the week they’re due. (I’ll update the blog post to mention that. Thanks!)


  7. when are the quizzes due for each week?