Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

On September 24, 2008, in Nixon's Classes, by Barbara Nixon

Creating Your Presentation

  • Always create an opening slide with the title of your presentation, and perhaps a relevant graphic, along with your full name.
  • Use a template that complements your subject.
  • SmartArt adds to the presentation when you want to show your words graphically.
  • As with any presentation, use the three-pronged rule
    • tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em
    • tell ’em
    • then tell ’em what you told ’em.
  • Always use an objectives or agenda slide (for a preview) and a summary or conclusion slide.
  • Remember the 6×6 Rule. . . six words per line, six lines per slide, never more than that.
  • Don’t use sounds in your presentation. They may sound cute when you are rehearsing it, but they are distracting to your audience.
  • Be consistent with the types of animation you use to introduce your bullet points. Or better yet, don’t use animation or fancy transitions.
  • Stick to one graphic style throughout your presentation.
  • Use Flickr as a source for photos to include. Look for ones with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Want to see the World’s Worst PowerPoint?

Delivering Your Presentation

  • Never let your audience see you navigate to your file. Have the projector’s picture muted until you are ready to show your slides.
  • Speak to your audience, not the screen or monitor.
  • Practice using the laser pointer (if you’re using one).
  • When you’re not using your presentation, press B to blacken (or W to whiten) the screen. This helps the audience to focus on you, not the screen.
  • If using YouTube video clips, pre-load them so that they are ready to go. Or use Tooble to download the videos, so there’s not a fear of the Internet lag.

Additionally, here are some general tips I share in my public speaking classes.

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