Breathtakingly Gorgeous in Northwest Arkansas, September 2012

On September 12, 2012, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Now that the cold front has moved in and we’ve finally had a bit of rain, it’s even more gorgeous at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Here is a selection of some of the hundreds of the photos I have taken there in September (so far).

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So the Frozen Tundra Isn’t Really Frozen Year Round?

On August 14, 2012, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to go back up to Green Bay, where my family lived for almost 13 years. In addition to great conversation with good friends, I went to the Green Bay Botanical Garden on another of my photo safaris. It was a nice, cool, windless day (otherwise known as a perfect day for taking pictures).

It surprised even me when I realized I had never visited the garden when we lived in the area, except to see the annual WPS Garden of Lights over the holidays several years.

Here are a few of the photos I took while meandering through the garden with my good friend Ann.

Do you have a favorite photo in this slideshow?

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Our family recently moved from Lakeland, Fla, to Springdale, Ark. We were hoping to escape some of the oppressive heat of Florida, but alas, no luck — yet! (I know . . . it’s HOT everywhere this summer.)

One of my favorite things about living in this part of Arkansas is the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, which is just two miles from our new home. I’ve visited the garden weekly since we arrived. It’s gorgeous, with a nice variety of flowers, and not overly manicured. I love the layout of the garden also; there are several meandering paths leading through the garden, with many places to sit and relax along the way.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the garden I have taken so far this summer. Don’t be surprised when you see a photo or two of a rooster mixed among the floral photos; he’s quite photogenic.

Which photos are your favorites? I’m partial to the pink water lilies.

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Floral Photography at Hollis Garden

On March 10, 2012, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

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Bok Tower Gardens, Winter 2012

On March 6, 2012, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Oh, how I love living in a place where “winter” looks like this. In the slideshow below, you can see pictures I took on two trips this winter to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Fla. And during one of the trips, I had the opportunity to visit a place where few have gone before: up into the tower to see the carillon first hand.

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Best Floral Photos from 2011

On November 7, 2011, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Here’s a sampling of my best floral photos from this year. A majority of the photos were taken in Maine and Florida, using my Samsung Epic, Mororola Photon or Fuji FinePix S1800.

Which image is your favorite?

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Floral Photo Safari at Bok Tower Gardens, 9-11-2011

On September 11, 2011, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

Rather than staying inside, glued to the television like many chose to do today, my husband and I made the short drive to one of our favorite places in Florida, Bok Tower Gardens, and spent the morning in nature.

It was the quietest, most serene day I have ever experienced at the gardens. We rarely saw other human visitors, and those we saw were generally silent. Birds chirped. There was occasional rustling in the brush; I pretended it was all squirrel noise (even though I know for sure there was at least one harmless black racer snake).

We walked slowly through the gardens, taking it all in. Twice, we were serenaded by the carillon in the Singing Tower.

For us, it was a peaceful, fitting way to spend 9-11-2011.

Here are a dozen of the photos I took with my Fujifilm Finepix S1800.

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Bok Tower Gardens Floral Photo Safari, Spring 2011

On May 26, 2011, in personal, by Barbara Nixon

One of my favorite places to go to stroll, think, pray and take photos is Bok Tower Gardens in historic Lake Wales, Fla. Yesterday, the one-year anniversary of the passing of my mother, I made the 45-minute trek from my home to Lake Wales. Here you’ll see many of my floral photos from this spring.

If you’d asked me, I would have said I had taken a hundred or more photos yesterday. But as I was downloading them into Picasa this morning, I realized I took fewer than 50. I must have been strolling, thinking and praying more than taking photos. And that’s just what I needed yesterday.

I miss you, Mom.

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A Look Back at My 10 Favorite Floral Photos of 2010

On January 1, 2011, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

As many of you know, I love to take macro photos of flowers; since I can’t grow a thing, it’s my little contribution to the gardening community. All of these photos were taken with either my Canon Powershot SX110IS or my Samsung Epic 4g mobile device.

Here’s a look back at the 10 floral photos I took in 2010 that I liked the best:

Image Credit: 2010 in Flowers, by Barbara Nixon

In 2011, I intend to do even more floral photography. Since I carry my Samsung Epic 4g with me everywhere I go, it’s easy for me to snap a picture of a perfect (or not-so-perfect bloom) and share it with my friends.

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Bok Tower Gardens Floral Photo Safari, Halloween 2010

On October 31, 2010, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

On this gorgeous Halloween Day here in Florida, my husband Kevin, daughter Katharine and I went to Bok Tower Garden in Lake Wales for a short photo safari. Here are some of the photos we took. I used both my Canon PowerShot  SX110IS and my Samsung Epic for the photos, and it’s hard to tell which camera I used for which pic.

Which flower is your favorite?

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