For my COMM 4633 Social Media for PR & Journalism Class 

Below you will find several additional resources to augment your course materials for COMM 4633. Each student will be assigned to read/complete one of the resources. During Week 12, we will have an in-class Speed Learning activity where you will share what you learned with your classmates. (This activity will be discussed in more detail after Spring Break.)

Additionally, after you watch or complete any of these, you may wish to write a blog post about what you learned; these posts could become some of your PR Connections for the semester.

Poynter Institute News University Courses


Build and Engage Local Audiences Online

Learn why local content is essential to your survival, and how you can continue being the chief information source to your community, no matter what the platform.

In this course, you’ll hear editors and publishers from across the industry share their stories and their strategies for success. Talk to a virtual colleague to think through some of the questions and concerns you’ll want to address. And test your knowledge of online audiences and the tools you can use to drive them to your site. Along the way, you’ll collect the info you’ll need to create an action plan for your newsroom.

Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling

Want to spread your wings beyond print reporting, but don’t know where to start? In this course, you’ll learn the basic steps of telling your story with multimedia. You’ll discover ways to map out your story before you head out to do your reporting. And you’ll learn when to use such tools as audio, video and graphics.

Multimedia Reporting: Covering Breaking News

In the days that followed Hurricane Katrina, online news organizations took stock of their skills and resources and turned out some of the best work to date. They sent video reporters out on boats to float through the streets of New Orleans. They fashioned multimedia blogs out of the simplest of technologies. They set up forums for citizen participation. And a few of them saved lives in the process.

The Community Journalism Series: Strategies for Managing Local Contributors

For years, newspapers have worked with user-generated content (UGC) in the form of letters to the editor and similar contributions. Now, news organizations of all shapes and sizes are grappling with a dizzying array of community-written content. Non-staffers are publishing things such as full-length stories, blog posts and multimedia content.

This trend provides new opportunities for your publication to engage with audiences, spotlight new voices and address under-covered topics and communities.

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University Webinars


How to Blog Effectively for Business by Ann Handley and Mac Collier

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Crash Course to Get Found by Lee Odden

Social Media and Building Community by Chris Brogan

Successful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn by Elyse Trager

PR for Inbound Marketing  by Todd Defren

Twitter for Business by Laura Fitton

Social Media for Big Businesses by Paula Berg


The Science of Social Media by Dan Zarella

Enchanting Your Prospects by Guy Kawasaki

Social and Mobile Marketing by Jamie Turner


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