Image Credit: "New Zoo Review"

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over, but it most certainly is — at least if we can trust our calendars.

As a way of reviewing what we covered and learned in SPC 4350 (Social Media for PR and Advertising), each student will:

  • Choose a toy animal from a basket in class.
  • Name the animal.
  • Write the letters of the animal’s name down the left margin of a paper.
  • Come up with something we discussed in SPC 4350 that starts with each letter.
  • Reply to this blog post with a comment including the animal’s name & what they learned. Put a star/asterisk in front of the most important thing learned.

After each student is done with this, we’ll go around the room and each student will share his/her starred item — the key learning.

Any why is  “New Zoo Revue” in the title of this post? It was among my favorite childhood TV shows. (It’s a little painful watching the production values in the show now, but I loved it as a child.)