My Super Mario Mushroom Featured at

On July 7, 2010, in photos, by Barbara Nixon

While I was on my morning walk today in Lakeland, I noticed that mushrooms were cropping in yards all over our neighborhood. Some yards had dozens, while others had just a few. And one of them reminded me of the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers as it was releasing a star.

Then I saw a tweet forwarded by Lizz Harmon linking to a Tampa Bay Online article on the proliferation of mushrooms after these last few rainy days. So I snapped a few pictures of mushrooms and sent one to Chris Taylor, editor of A few hours later, Chris let me know he featured the photo on the home page of TBO! Here’s a screen capture.

And if you’re wondering, this photo was taken with my Palm Pre. Not a bad photo for a cell phone pic!

Thanks, Chris, for featuring the photo.


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  2. Kathy Lovin says:

    Barbara, I always marvel at how good your photos are from the Palm Pre. You’re a good photographer so I know that helps too.

    Congratulations on your featured photo in TBO!