Want to see what my COMM 4333 (PR Writing) students at Southeastern University are blogging? They’ve been assigned to create & maintain a blog using these guidelines. Most of them just started with their blogs this week; content will be added throughout the semester, so if there’s not much there yet, just wait . . . there will be plenty in a few weeks!


One Response to COMM 4333 Student Blogs :: Spring 2010

  1. brittany rollings says:

    I have never done blogging before. I was always familar with Facebook because I got to voice my opinions. Blogging is still very new to me and I am not comfortable with it yet. But I suppose like anything in technology that is new it takes time to get used to. I used to keep a diary that I had all my thoughts in. These days it seems as if the computer generation has taken over and the pen and paper is now collecting dust. I wonder if we will ever go back to using the simple tools that we used to when it comes to writing.