A Magazine, All About *You*

On January 10, 2010, in assignment, PRCA 3030, PRCA 3330, PRCA 3711/4711, by Barbara Nixon

For ALL of my PR students at Georgia Southern University:

Here’s a fun assignment that you will help us get to know each other. Since our classes this semester are online, it’s even more important to help your class learn more about you since we won’t have the face-to-face time that we’d have in a traditional brick-and-mortar class.

Using your choice of software or online service (such as the Magazine Cover creator at  Big Huge Labs), create a magazine cover that depicts you (personality, background, aspirations).

The Assignment

  • The cover photo must be of you, taken at some point during the last year or so. (If the photo is a group photo, be sure to somehow let us know which person is you, if it’s not readily apparent.)
  • Include at least your first name somewhere in the design. The easiest place to do this is in the title of the magazine, but you can put it somewhere else.
  • Feel free to emulate an existing magazine cover’s look and feel.
  • Save the magazine cover as a JPG, PDF or some other format that can be shown in class.
  • Go into your class in GeorgiaVIEW and find the “Getting to Know Us” discussion area on our class’ home page. Click Create Message, then enter your magazine’s title into the Subject area. Attach the JPG or PDF. And write a bit about yourself in the Message area. Click Post to have the message appear.
  • Toward the end of the week, review several of your classmates’ magazine covers. Reply to their messages with your feedback, comments, etc.
  • This assignment will “count” as part of your participation grade in this class.


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