Public Relations Practicum Final Exam

On November 17, 2009, in Nixon's Classes, by Barbara Nixon

PRCA 3711/4711 Students

For your final exam in Public Relations Practicum, we’ll do something a little non-traditional. Create a top ten list of the most important things you learned in our class. Be sure to touch a variety of the topics we covered:

  • Resume writing
  • Job interviewing
  • Searching for a job
  • Creating & sharing your portfolio
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Tips you learned in your informational interview with a PR pro
  • Something you learned by reading your PR trade book

Format (your choice)

  • Create a PowerPoint & upload it to SlideShare (should have 10-15 slides, with brief notes in the Notes panel)
  • Create a podcast (audio recording) using Utterli (should be ~5-10 minutes long)
  • Create a video & upload it to YouTube
  • Write a blog post of ~500 words
  • Write a traditional paper and post it in GeorgiaVIEW as an attachment to the Final Exam assignment

DUE: No later than December 2 at 5pm. Reply to this blog post with a hyperlink to where I’ll find your final exam. (My preference is for you to embed it in your own blog.) Remember, if I can’t find it, I can’t grade it.