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For your final (as in culminating, not exam) blog post in PRCA 2330, create a top ten list of things you learned in Introduction to Public Relations. Be very specific. 

For example:

  • Good: I’ll need to learn Associated Press Style to write news releases that will get published.
  • Not so good: How to write a news release
  • Awful: News release


  • Create the list in audio, and embed the audio to your blog. (Utterli is an easy way to do this.)
  • Create the list in PowerPoint, then embed the slidedeck into your blog. (I use SlideShare for this.) If you make your slides with mostly images and few words, be sure to put your details in the Notes portion of your slides.
  • Create a 10-minute or shorter video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, then embed the video into your blog.
  • Base your list on your favorite movie (for example: “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Intro to PR, I Learned in ______________”)
  • Simply write the list in WordPress (zzzzz…. boring)

This Top Ten List will be worth 50 points (from your Engagement points) and is due May 3 by midnight. Use the category of Assignment so that I can find it on your blog easily. 

NOTE: You also need to post a link to your Top Ten List as a reply to this blog post.


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  1. here is my top ten~

  2. Here is my top 10 post! =)

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  4. heres my top ten i finished it before may 3rd but forgot to post a link

  5. Brooke Huger says:
    I couldn’t remember if i posted this already so here it is again

  6. Sarah Beth Sullivan says:

    I just tried to post this, but don’t see my comment. Here is my website again:

    Thank you,
    Sarah Beth Sullivan

  7. here’s my top ten, i had it posted last week but i didn’t know we had to link it.