Key Learnings for Corporate PR Fall 2008

On December 1, 2008, in Nixon's Classes, by Barbara Nixon

Bendable Pirate CharactersAs our fall semester is winding down in my Corporate PR class at Georgia Southern University, we had a fun way to wrap up the key learnings.

Each student chose a small character (ninja, pirate or rubber ducky) from a basket and named the character. Then they each came up with a word or phrase that started with each letter in the name. (Full directions to the assignment are at my Becoming Learner Centered blog.)

A few volunteers came to the front of the class and presented their key learnings to us by showing their list and character on the document projector.

You’ll see what the key learnings for my students were as comments to this blog post. By having them create their own mnemonics in class today, I’m hopeful that they’ll remember many of the key points of this class long after it is over.


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  2. Donovan Sharkey says:

    PATTON – The 4 Star Duck

    P – Public Perception
    A – Awareness of Brand
    T – Twitter & Social Media
    T – Teamwork
    O – Owning your message
    N – Negotiating during media crisis

  3. Michael Tarver says:

    Baz Lureman, Ninja

    Appreciate the customer
    Zip up your pants – or – Don’t get caught with your pants down

    Learn from your mistakes
    Understand your strengths
    Reach out to the community
    Earn your public’s respect
    Mean what you say
    Always listen before you speak
    New ways to be the same company

  4. Holly West says:

    Leonardo the Ninja
    L- Listening to the Groundswell
    E- Embracing the Groundwell
    O- Opportunities for jobs in our Fortune 500 companies
    N- networking opportunies using social media
    A- Agencies in the corporate world
    D- Del Monte Foods case study
    O- Objectives companies can pursue in the Groundswell

  5. Kelli Martin says:

    Corporate PR:
    Kendall the Pirate
    K-Kelli would be great at Corporate PR!
    E-Earn the respect of reporters, you may need them one day!
    N-Never speak out without knowing the facts!
    D-Dale Murphy- I won’t cheat!
    A-Always double check your sources.
    L-Listening is the most neglected skill in business.
    L-earn as much as you can about your company.

  6. Kelli Martin says:

    Holly the Pirate
    H-Hand Tool
    L-Line Tool
    L-Layout Menu
    Y-You need to think before you start randomly placing items.

  7. natasha wojcik says:

    Mindful of consumers
    Always on top of our game
    Researching using social media
    Your influence on the groundswell

  8. William Foster says:

    Sam the Black Ninja

    S – Social Media
    A – Awareness
    M – Marketing Influence

  9. Meaghan Perez says:

    Rocky Red Ninja

    O-pen the doors to Opportunity
    C-reate Credibility for your organization
    K-eep up with the groundwell
    Y-ou should always network

  10. Emily Byrne says:

    Red Ninja- Steve

    S-ocial media
    T-eam work
    E-thics are important
    V-alue of networking
    E-valuate your online reputation

  11. Allison Watkins says:

    C- ommunication
    A- nswers should be fairly quick
    P- ublic Relations
    A- nticipate the worst
    I- nvolve social media
    N- etwork

    B- e informed of lots of things
    O- pportunities in social networking
    B- usinesses need PR or a communication tool

  12. Heather Atha says:

    B- e honest
    O- pen your ears and listen to what the public says about your company
    B- e prepared and have a plan for a crisis

  13. Rena says:

    Corporate P R: Duckie

    Name: Quacky

    Q-Question ethics of others
    U- Underlying problems may occur…be ready!
    A-Actions effects image
    C-Crisis Management is key.
    K-Keep up w/ the Groundswell
    Y-You need a back up plan.

  14. Reina says:

    Corporate PR: Duckie


    B- Business Oriented
    U- Unique
    B- Blogging
    B- Back up your sources
    A- Always be credible

  15. Fran Faulkner says:

    Pirate named “Al”
    social mediA
    Listen to the groundswell

  16. Corinne Whiting says:

    G- groundswell, google

    A- Advertising, Associated Press

    R- reputation managment, rumors

    Y- your reputation matters

  17. Lindsay Cameron says:

    P- powerpoint can be useful
    A- add pictures/graphics to each slide
    B- blogging is important on a personal and professional level
    L- look and dress professionally
    O- overlooking minor details in PR can be detrimental

  18. Lauren Jackson says:

    S- Social media is becoming the main way of advertising
    E- Everyone can become apart of social media

  19. Lauren Jackson says:

    Publications: Duck
    Name: Daisy

    D- Designing layouts for newsletters and brochures
    A- Applying color in the right places
    I- In Design
    S- Spot color
    Y- You should always know who your publics are before designing any type of product

    Corporate PR: Duck
    Name: Rose

    R- Remember to cover all bases of comunication because the more areas of communication that are utilized the more the public will know about a company
    O- Openmind, even though you may not like something try it because you could learn from that experience

  20. Allie Burrow says:

    D-when Designing a powerpoint….Don’t use lots of text

    A-Always check blog posts for assignments and what not

    V-Visual the Groundswell…be the Groundswell…it can help your company

    I-I learned about being Inside the groundswell

    D-Dive right into social media…all it can do is help

  21. Michael Jung says:

    Larry the PR Ninja
    PRCA 3331

    L –> Lies never work
    A –> Awareness of your company and publics are key
    R –> Reactiveness is crucial
    R –> Relate to your public
    Y –> You are your biggest asset

  22. Julie Smith says:

    Publications: Pirate
    named: Bendey
    B- Banner, budget
    E- end signs, effective use of color
    N- newsletter, nameplate
    D- design, distribution
    Y- (know) your audience

  23. Julie Smith says:

    Corporate PR: Duckie
    Named Gail
    G- groundswell, global networking
    A- Adverblogs, Audiences, Advertising
    I- Interpersonal skills, investor relations, issue management
    L- Listening to groundswell, legality vs. ethics, and lobbying